2013-07-04 / Letters

Is PennDOT Allowed To Do This Or Not?

To The Editor:

I made a phone call to PennDOT on a Monday morning about a deer getting hit here close to the front of my house, asking if they could come pick it up because of the smell. I left the house for awhile after I made this phone call to PennDOT, when I got back home I noticed they just pushed the deer further back off of the road. So I thought they would be by later that day or the next to pick the deer up. (Wrong). Wednesday morning I made another phone call to PennDOT about the deer again; at this point you couldn’t open the door to go outside without getting half sick.

Finally, they had a loader come down, load it up and take it away. Now here is the good part – they took the deer about a mile from the house and dumped it in a wooded area on private property. Now you ask how do I know it was the same deer?

It had fluorescent orange paint on it. Why did I paint the deer? So people driving could see it and not hit it again, and so PennDOT could see it. If anybody else would dump a deer carcass on private property we would have a fine to pay.

Is this not littering? PennDOT has a place to dump dead carcasses.

Rick Hoffman


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