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Eagles Aerie Knocked Down For $31,500

New owner’s plans are unknown
By Jean Snyder


Eagles Aerie, a Fulton County landmark located on the side of Tuscarora Mountain off Route 30, was knocked down at auction on Monday evening for $31,500, according to former owner and auctioneer David W. Martin. Martin said the 6.9-acre property was sold to Martin D. Myers of Spring Grove, Pa.

Myers was one of only two bidders on the property and Martin said he had to go down to $10,000 to get a starting bid.

The landmark, familiar to all who travel Route 30 east, has mostly become known as the old, abandoned building that has been vandalized and seems as if it could topple off the side of the mountain.

Martin, who purchased the property in 2005 for $52,500, said that despite taking a loss on it, he was actually pleased to be able to get the selling price. According to tax records, the building was built in 1925, and Martin said he believes the last time it was occupied was in the 1950s. It has remained vacant and deteriorating since then.

Eagles Aerie was, at one time, a well-known tavern and was a frequent stop first for horses needing water as they trudged the mountain, and eventually as a stop for water for overheated cars.

Martin said he does not know what plans the buyers may have for the property, but said anyone who wants to fix it up needs to have someone living there because it is a huge target for vandalism. Vandals have broken out all of the windows, and all of the pipes and fixtures have been removed over the years.

For those who travel the mountain, the ramshackle building is somewhat of a landmark on foggy nights and, as one motorist put it, when you’re traveling west in the fog and you see the Aerie, you know there is only one more curve left before hitting the bypass.

Martin sold the old building and 6.9 acres of land surrounding it at the Bay City Restaurant in Hanover on Monday evening. It was one of nine various properties sold that evening and was the first to go on the auction block.

The “News” was unable to reach the new owner for comment at press time.

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