2013-06-20 / Local & State

Western PA Man Shot Struggling With Robbery Suspect

WASHINGTON, Pa. (AP) – Police were searching for a southwestern Pennsylvania bank robbery suspect who fatally shot a supermarket customer who ran after him and was shot trying to stop the suspect near his getaway car.

South Strabane Township police say the dead man is 46-year-old Vincent Kelley, of Washington, Pa.

He was shopping at a Giant Eagle in Strabane Square when the suspect robbed a Citizens Bank branch in the store about 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

Police say Kelley tried to subdue the suspect but was shot several times before the suspect sped away in his car.

Police Chief Donald Zofchak says, “I certainly applaud a citizen’s efforts to help society, but you see the ramifications. It cost him his life.’’

Nineteen-year-old Sierra Kelley says she planned to have a Father’s Day meal with her father, and calls him a hero.

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