2013-06-20 / Local & State

Can Your Home Withstand Storm Season?

Storm season is upon us again, bringing the potential for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and hurricanes through November. Since post- storm cleanup can strain bank accounts, some pre-storm preparation can save homeowners thousands of dollars in damage.

The average national costs for the most commonly requested repair tasks range from $285 for generator repair to $6,800 for roof replacement, according to HomeAdvisor’s Cost Guide.

To educate homeowners, the experts at HomeAdvisor are providing tips for prestorm preparation and poststorm cleanup:

Before storms hit, tend to window cracks and chipped glass, check and repair roof shingles, and remove dead or dying trees. You can also download the free Home911 mobile app, which provides dedicated 24/7 emergency support for home repairs.

After storms, evaluate any damage and take photos to maintain records of property damage. And beware of scams, as unethical storm chasers often follow storms, offering shady repair services.

Above all, educate yourself. You can learn what repairs should cost with tools such as Cost Guide, a free resource providing average costs for home improvement projects. More information and resources for home projects are available at www.HomeAdvisor.com.

Remember, a little preparation can help save on poststorm costs.

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