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C. Fulton Adopts Balanced Budget

Approves salary increases
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


The Central Fulton School Board made good on its promise of raising real estate taxes for the 2013-14 school year as part of last Tuesday night’s decision to adopt a balanced budget.

The board unanimously adopted the general operating budget on June 11 that shows both expenditures and revenue coming in at $13,438,885. On display for 20 days since the board’s last gathering on May 7, the budget also includes a .3280 millage increase in real estate taxes that means taxes will be levied at an overall 28.8502 mills. As a result, the rate is equal to $2.885 on each $100 of assessed valuation of taxable property.

Speaking with the “News” following the meeting, district Superintendent Dixie Paruch pointed out both the administration and the staff worked hard “keeping expenditures within reason.”

According to Paruch, she and business manager Kendra Reese sat down after staffing requests were submitted and went over the budget line by line which resulted in the initial deficit being decreased from $300,000 to within $40,000.

“The board held many lengthy discussions looking at several scenarios to meet the budget for the upcoming year. I feel with the estimated revenue coming in from the state and federal levels, we did the best we could do for the taxpayers while keeping our educational programs intact for our students,” she said.

In conjunction with the budget, the board resolved to allow numerous Act 511 taxes to remain at their current level. Act 511 per-capita and occupation taxes remain at their respective levels of $5 and $10, while wage taxes and real estate transfer taxes are at 1 percent. In addition, Act 679 per-capita taxes were levied at $5.

In other financial decisions made, the board unanimously approved a salary increase for administration, middle management and support staff. Support staff were granted a 40-cents-per-hour raise, while administrators and middle managementreceiveda2percent salary increase.

The pay increase translates into an additional $1,418.06 for Elementary Assistant Principal Billie Jo Beatty; $1,721.94 for Middle/High School Principal Todd Beatty; $1,200 for technology director Jason Carbaugh; $770.88 for transportation coordinator Angela Marshal; $1,590.26 for Elementary Principal Alicia Mellott; $1,250 for business manager Kendra Reese; $836.96 for facilities and maintenance supervisor Brent Seville; and $1,418.06 for special education director Ginger Thompson.

It was noted the superintendent opted to choose not to receive a raise during the 2013-14 school year.

The 2013 Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion resolution was adopted by the board and will result in a tax reduction of $224.95 for eligible properties.

Bids were awarded to several companies for maintenance supplies in the amount of $6,638.62. Those awarded bids included the Stevens Co., Fastenal, Capital Tristate, Scott Electric, XPEDX, Pa. Paper and Supply Co. and AGF Co.

Several individuals were placed on the 2013-14 extracurricular salary scale. Those approved by the board include:

 Toby McGarvey, varsity girls soccer head coach, $3,520

 Josh McKelvy, varsity girls soccer first assistant, $2,720

 Cory Houck, varsity boys soccer head coach, $2,795

 Chris Mellott, varsity boys soccer first assistant, $2,245

 James Jarrett, junior high coed soccer head coach, $1,845

 Heidi Johnston, volleyball head coach, $3,520

 A’Leese Dickerson, volleyball first assistant, $2,245

 Dot Doyle, volleyball volunteer coach

 Cherina Cutchall, volleyball second assistant, $1,995

 Pam Cutshall, volleyball junior high assistant coach, $1,745

 Amanda Shives, cheerleading head coach, $2,795

 Murray Romig, boys elementary intramural basketball, $615

 Brent Pistner, girls basketball first assistant, $2,445.

The board tabled taking action on placement on the scale for spring sports coaches, including softball and baseball

Building and grounds

McConnellsburg American Legion Post 561 baseball team was granted authorization to use the high school baseball field for its June and July games.


Leslie May Nesbitt was granted a 12- month leave of absence through the Family Medical Leave Act retroactive to May 5. The leave will run nonconsecutively as needed, the board’s agenda indicates.

A total of seven individuals were hired last Tuesday, including several teachers. Kelly Neiderhauser of McKee’s Rock was brought on board as an intermediate learning support teacher at a rate of $42,041, while Harrisonville area resident Elaina D. Buterbaugh was hired as an elementary teacher at a starting salary of $42,041.

The middle school’s newest guidance counselor is slated to be McConnellsburg resident Alex Serrano, who will begin his duties at a rate of $48,077. Kenneth Welsh of Knobsville was appointed middle school math teacher for 2013-14, coming in with a salary of $42,041.

Whitney Knepper and Heather Will, both of McConnellsburg, were hired as aides at an hourly rate of $7.40, and Kristina Aviles of Warfordsburg was brought on as the district’s food service secretary. Aviles is scheduled to make $9 per hour in connection with her duties.

A compensation plan for the district’s manager will begin effective July 1 and run through June 30, 2016. According to the provisions of the plan, Reese will receive an annual salary of $63,750 for the upcoming 2013-14 school year. “Subsequent salary increases will be at least equal to that of the Act 93 Group. The Central Fulton Board of Directors may increase that percentage based upon the evaluation conducted by the superintendent of schools,” the plan states.

Denise Reeder of Burnt Cabins was added to the school’s substitute nurse list, and Tammy Barnes from Big Cove Tannery will serve as a substitute secretary. Both motions are pending the receipt of necessary paperwork.


The first reading of policies dealing with professional development, purchases subject to bids/quotation, purchases budgeted, child/student abuse and contracted services was approved as presented to the board. The elementary and middle/high school handbooks were also approved for 2013-14. It was reported the hand- books do not contain any significant changes aside from new names and dates.

The annual Behind The Wheel contract was approved with student driving instructor Gregory Hays. There are no increased costs for the 2013-14 school year for Hays’ continued services.

It was announced the merger of the Fulton County Center for Families and the Fulton County Partnership appears to be on schedule for July 1 and has been approved by the state attorney general’s office. As a result, an agreement was approved regarding Early Head Start and Parent as Teacher programs as well as for the proposed salaries for the partnership employees.


Van Route #17 contracted to Sandy Deck Transportation will see an increase in the daily rate retroactive to May 22. The increase from $166.22 daily to $204.67 is as a result of adding another student to the roster.

The district entered into an additional contract with Sandy Deck Transportation, that will be responsible for providing transportation during the extended school year to include 12 days between June 3 and July 23. Daily rate has been calculated at $374.79 for 127.07 miles.

Contracts were also penned with Sandy Deck Transportation, Lynda Strait and Junior Swope, who will be sharing the responsibilities of extracurricular sports and activities. Sandy Deck is slated to offer transportation for all activity runs as well as basketball, while Strait will cover baseball, soccer and softball. Swope is contracted to cover track and field and volleyball.

Public comment

McConnellsburg resident David Hoover appeared before the board to offer gratitude and thanks from the extended family of Cody Trail. Trail, a senior at Mc- Con-nellsburg High School, was diagnosed nearly a year ago with cancer and has been receiving homebound instruction as he undergoes treatments and procedures. Hoover outlined his grandson’s most recent surgery that occurred last Monday and noted he “came through it pretty good.”

Hoover again commended the staff for all they do at the district and asked that they keep Trail and the extended family in their thoughts and prayers.

An executive session was held at the conclusion of the 30-minute meeting to discuss personnel and negotiations. No formal action was taken.

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