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TV Recycling: Open Letter To All Fulton County Residents

To The Editor:

This letter is a request that, if you have a television to recycle, please hold onto it for a few months. One of our electronics collection sheds is literally spilling out into a parking lot. Our electronics trailer is full, it has been for a month, and we’re on a waiting list for an empty one. So until the present backlog has a chance to work itself out, please hold onto those televisions for a while longer. I am hoping that we’ll get an empty trailer soon, but even if we do, the quantity of televisions that keep coming in is overwhelming the statewide electronics recycling program. There are apparently hundreds of thousands of TVs and they are extremely difficult to recycle.

As you hopefully know, a law was passed making it illegal to dispose of televisions, computers and computer peripheral equipment in the garbage. Of course, it’s always been illegal to pitch it along the road, but that’s another issue. Fulton County, before the law even went into effect, developed a program whereby residents could take electronics to one of four “sheds” that are near the current single-stream recycling drop boxes. The electronics were then collected, separated, boxed or palletized, and placed on a trailer. When the trailer was full, it was picked up by a recycling company and was switched out with an empty one. That worked well enough, until the law actually went into effect this past January. The amount of electronics that have been pouring in has been nothing short of mind boggling. While we have quite a bit being collected in Fulton County, there are counties in the state that see more material in one week than we have in the past year! The companies that wind up dealing with all those electronics are completely overwhelmed, and every one of them has a huge backlog of material that, at present, they can’t get rid of. Why should you care? If they can’t deal with what they have, then they can’t deal with what we collect!

Therefore, until the end of the summer, please do not bring in any televisions to recycle. Just hold onto them for a while and hopefully things will smooth out, and we can start taking them again later in the year. From the looks of many of the TVs that come in, many of you have had them around for many years, so I’m hoping a few months will not be an imposition! If you absolutely can’t handle having the TV around, check with stores such as Best Buy, etc., and see if they will recycle your television. Some stores will, but they have restrictions on size and type. Call first!

Computers, printers and other electronics will still be accepted in the meantime, just no televisions.

Greg Reineke

County Recycling


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