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Replies To VFW Post Commander

To The Editor:

In response to George Cutchall’s, commander of the VFW Post, reply to the editor about the Memorial Day wreath:

On Memorial Day 2012 I went to Union Cemetery to participate in the ceremonies as I am the SAL commander. I was approached by Mr. Cutchall and was told I wasn’t needed for the wreath laying at the cemetery or courthouse. I did not see the need to make waves and left it alone.

The legion commander, Mr. Hall, was running late, but the SAL wreath along with the other wreaths had already been brought to the cemetery. The SAL wreath is a grapevine wreath that we have had for many years.

Our SAL wreath was placed by VFW auxiliary member Jean Skiles, who was told to place it by Mr. Cutchall. This Memorial Day 2013 I was not able to make it to the ceremonies and possibly would not have gone anyhow due to last year’s circumstances, however, my brother John, past SAL commander, was available and went to do the presentation.

Mr. Cutchall also approached him this year and told him he was not needed. Again our SAL wreath was present and available and again was placed by the VFW auxiliary. Perhaps Mr. Cutchall does not realize that wreath belongs to the SAL and that the VFW needs to purchase a wreath for the auxiliary. This is not really a matter of who actually presents the wreath, it’s about honoring our veterans and fallen soldiers.

Our father, John H. Rasp Jr., served our county, and we do this to honor him and all the other veterans. My mother and father have gone to the ceremony for 50-plus years and will probably continue to go as long as they are able. For 2014 either John or I will present the SAL wreath even if we have to store the wreath until then.

Monte L. Rasp

SAL Commander


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