2013-06-13 / Letters

Clarifies VFW’s Role In Memorial Day Wreath Laying

To The Editor:

The VFW takes exception to Ms. Foor’s incorrect and false letter to the editor last week concerning the VFW’s involvement in the SAL’s not laying a wreath at the Memorial Day event at the Union Cemetery.

The facts are the Legion commander is responsible for making sure that the SAL’s wreath is there and that they have someone to present it. For the past two years the Legion commander did not bring a wreath for the SAL, so no one could lay it. To blame the VFW for strictly Legion business is absurd. Someone might suggest to the SAL that they ensure their wreath is there so that it can be laid.

The VFW has nothing to do with Legion internal affairs and to be blamed for something they have nothing to do with is wrong.

George Cutchall, Cmdr.

VFW Post 655

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