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Center For Families Receives Award


Pictured above, left: Julie Dovey, Betty Jane lee and Debbie Hiller. Pictured above, left: Julie Dovey, Betty Jane lee and Debbie Hiller. At the South-Central Pennsylvania Tobacco Free Coalition Recognition Ceremony May 29, 2013, in Camp Hill, Fulton County Center for Families received an award recognizing the following:

A local nonprofit in the south-central Pennsylvania region that has contributed above and beyond the minimum requirements to support tobacco control efforts. This includes efforts toward their own employees, their consumers, and/or as part of a local coalition for tobacco prevention.

The Fulton County Center for Families was recognized for providing outstanding service and support in the realm of the Tobacco Control Program for the south-central region of Pennsylvania. The Fulton County Center for Families provides home visiting educators in the Parents As Teachers (PAT) program, the Early Head Start (EHS) program, the Community Outreach Prevention Education (COPE) program – serving more than 137 individuals and/or families on a monthly basis. These educators have individual discussions with families they serve/ visit regarding the prevention of tobacco use, the dangers of smoking (as well as second- and third-hand smoke dangers), they guide and support families in attending local tobacco cessation programs and also participating in fax-to-quit alternative to promote healthy lifestyle choices. The FIFA education staff provides each family and its members tobacco literature, discussions on the addiction, the added dangers of smoking in the house and in the car, the negative and dangerous effects smoking has on their house guests and car passengers (focus on young children).

Prevention educators of the FIFA conduct school-based lessons in the Too Good for Drugs ( TGFD) curriculum, which has been presented to more than 350 students in Fulton County over the past two years. Each school district in Fulton County has an established TATU Program (Teens Against Tobacco Use) that is facilitated by FIFA and both SFSD and all FIFA work sites have adopted the Young Lungs At Play (YLAP) initiative to prevent smoking in areas where children play and gather.

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