2013-06-13 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Sharon, Lee, Lori and Curtis Glazier recently attended the outdoor wedding held on the Myers Farm in Lancaster of Anna Myers and Javier Bustamante. Other close relatives from the area also attended the beautiful wedding. Parents of the bride are Susan and John Myers and grandparents are Dorothy of McConnellsburg and the late Grover Mellott.

Birthday wishes to Eric Souders, June 12; Nancy Gress, June 4; Elizabeth Mc- Collough, 84 on June 14; Nancy Hendershot, June 13; Westin Mellott, 6 on June 17; Marie Lane, June 13; McKayla Fry, June 17; Dane Pollock, June 17; John Boehme, June 20; Ruth Bolinger, June 17; Carrie Stermer, June 17; Isabel Blumenthal, 16 on June 20; Cooper McGarvey, June 15; Gabrielle McGarvey, 20 on June 14; Sandy Munson, June 19; Dave Johnston, June 16; Jerry Marshall, June 11; and Jean Weller, June 7.

Roy and Dixie Divens cel- ebrated their 57th wedding anniversary on June 12. Gil and Donna Deshong celebrated their 61st anniversary on June 7; Tim and Deb Mc- Garvey celebrated their 26th anniversary on June 20; Ellis and Jeannie McQuade, 25 years on June 18; and Gale and Betty McClain on June 8.

Sympathy goes out to the families of Denver “Junior” Hess, Arlene Carmack, Charles Kline, Charles McElhaney and Ruth Schwartz.

The family of the late Claude Souders held their annual reunion Sunday at Cito United Methodist Church.

McConnellsburg United Methodist Church had a father/ son picnic at Cowans Gap Park on Monday evening.

Cooper McGarvey was one of 630 students to graduate on Saturday at Chambersburg High School. Commencement was held outside on the athletic field in beautiful weather.

The musical “Smoke On The Mountain” was performed by members of Cito and McConnellsburg United Methodist churches over the weekend with a great turnout each night to see a great performance by all.

Quotable Quotes: “The only easy day was yesterday.”

It Happened This Week: In 1777 the “ Stars and Stripes” was adopted as the official flag of the new republic, with just 13 stars at the time. Today we celebrate Flag Day every June 14.

Country Shortcuts: Keep pineapple fresh longer by cutting slices from the bottom, leaving the green top growth intact.

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