2013-06-06 / Letters

Legion, VFW Owe SAL An Apology

To The Editor:

I’m writing about last week’s Memorial Day service at Union Cemetery and in McConnellsburg. The paper said that Monte Rasp laid a memorial wreath for SAL (Sons of the Legion). This isn’t so. John Rasp III was there to lay the wreath, but was told they didn’t need the SAL.

The same thing happened last year and that was uncalled for. What makes the VFW and Legion Auxiliary more important than the Sons of the Legion? They laid wreaths yet the SAL could not.

The Sons of the Legion are proud of their fathers and everyone who served our country. They even hold benefits throughout the year. They pay their dues just like anyone else in the VFW and American Legion.

I think the head of the Mc- Connellsburg American Legion and the VFW owe all the men of the SAL a big apology.

Michelle Foor

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