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Cadets To Report For 19th Annual Camp Cadet

Camp to be held June 2-7
By Jean Snyder

The Fulton County Camp Cadet Association’s 19th annual Camp Cadet program will kick off on Sunday, June 2, 2013, at Camp Sinoquipe near Fort Littleton.

Thirty-three cadets, 24 males and nine females, between the ages of 12-15, were selected from the county’s three school districts and will report for the weeklong camping session sponsored jointly by the Pennsylvania State Police at the McConnellsburg station and by the county’s social services agencies. Six senior cadets from previous graduating classes were also chosen as mentors for the incoming cadets.

This year’s weeklong activities will culminate on Friday evening, June 7, with a lakeside graduation ceremony to be held at 6 p.m. The public is invited to attend Friday evening’s graduation ceremonies to celebrate the cadets’ achievements.

Campers will spend the week in four squads. Squad leaders will be Pennsylvania State Police officers and representatives from local social services agencies.

This year 17 students from Southern Fulton, nine from Central Fulton, six from Forbes Road and one from the Fulton County Christian School were chosen to participate.

The cadets will report to the following squads on Sunday:

Blue Squad (with squad leaders Trooper Joe Horton, Brent Pistner and Beth Bryant): Richard Hodnovich, Matthew Daniels, Hunter Fraker, Connor Elbin, Chad Bunch, William Pittman, Adria Gordon, Jasmine Strait and Lakota Elkins. The senior cadet for the Blue Squad is Austin Miller.

Green Squad (with squad leaders Cpl. William Baker and Chris McQuade): Dylan Cummins, Logan Beatty, Drew Hoffman, Ryan Fittry, Jarrett Mellott, Casey Spade, Schadoh Dase and Amber Terell. The senior cadets for the Green Squad are Gage Mellott and Shaelyn Wawro.

Red Squad (with squad leaders Ann Sheffield, Trooper Jeff Remeikas and Trooper Roger Sheffield, Ret.): David Maldonado, Adin Brady, Liam Flaherty, Hunter Golden, Matthew Beightol, Evan Wachter, Lydia Gordon and Madison Baker. The senior cadets for the Red Squad are Justice Seville and Jonathan Martz Jr.

Purple Squad (with squad leaders Cpl. Jim Lupey and Lori Lupey): Daniel Booth, Alex Floyd, Justin Oxendine, Kolby Gress, Hunter Kerlin, Raymond Truax III, Eden Myers and Barbara Weese. The senior cadet for the Purple Squad is Destini Swisher.

This year’s camping activities will include programs by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) K-9 Unit, the PSP Mounted Unit, primitive Indian folklore, presentations by the Game Commission, FBI, the county fire companies and a program on stream studies. The youths will also be given instruction on the shooting range. Water activities will be held and the always-popular triathlon will take place again this year from 9:30 a.m. to noon on Thursday. It will be followed by a dance for the cadets on Thursday evening.

Camp Cadet is a “disciplined” military style boot camp held each year in Fulton County. All students between the ages of 12- 15 are invited to apply. All staff is volunteer, and the camping experience is free to the campers each year. Funds to operate the camp are solicited through fundraisers by the association.

The Fulton County Camp Cadet Association’s board of directors includes Cpl. William Baker, president; Randy Clever, vice president; Beth Bryant, secretary; Brent Pistner, treasurer; and board members Jack Rhodes, Don Eisaman, Lori Lupey, Judy Eisaman, Christine McQuade, Nancy Younker, Trooper Ken Falkosky, Trooper Jeff Remeikas and Trooper Joe Horton.

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