2013-05-30 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful Memorial Day weekend. It was a little cool but not storming.

Quite a few folks attended the auction at Sam’s up on Route

30 on Saturday night. That is a nice place to spend Saturday evening, and they usually have green vegetables, fruits as well as other items. Auction starts at 5 p.m.

Jackie and Ryan Berkstresser of Slippery Rock were in Fulton County for a wedding on Saturday. They stopped by to visit Kate Berkstresser Sunday afternoon.

It was disappointing to see the lack of interest in going to vote. I guess if we don’t do our duty and vote then we just can’t complain about who won.

Happy birthday wishes to Madison Bennett, May 23, and James Bennett, May 30.

Household Hint: Coffee can ash or dust applicator. A coffee can makes a handy shaker for applying ashes or dust to your garden. Simply punch holes in the plastic lid with a leather punch, fill the can with ashes or dust and you are ready to go. Keep an extra unpunched lid to use as a cover when storing ashes or dust.

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