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Voters Give Nod In Municipal Primary Election

17.3 percent voter turnout on May 21
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Jeremiah Zook Jeremiah Zook NEWS EDITOR

With little fan fare and very low voter turnout, the May 21 municipal primary election ended with several local races being decided on by registered Republicans and Democrats.

Among the few contested races in the county was that of Ayr Township supervisor. Only 19.98 percent of registered voters in that municipality ventured to the polls Tuesday to cast their vote between Republican candidates, incumbent Thurman “Tom” E. Nesbitt III and political newcomer Russell Harmon. Harmon came out on top gaining the Republican party nomination with 74 votes in comparison to Nesbitt’s 62.

While the official vote will not be released until the Board of Elections convenes later in the week for canvassing, write in votes show that Harmon also secured the Democratic nomination, having received the lion’s share of the 49 votes cast.

In Wells Township, Republican candidates Shannon J. Barton and Kevin Bricker battled it out for their party’s nomination for a 4-year term as township supervisor. Bricker came out on top with 28 votes to Barton’s 20.

Jeffrey Evans Jeffrey Evans With several new candidates listed for consideration on the Southern Fulton School Board, residents in the lower end of Fulton County opted to cast their votes in favor of incumbents in addition to newcomer and business owner Scott W. Hendershot.

On the Republican ballot, Patrick L. Bard received the largest amount of votes cast with 237. As voters were instructed to vote for only four candidates, Mark R. Mosemann (232 votes), L. Allen Morton (201) and Timothy Hull (160) will round out the Republican candidates up for consideration this fall.

Others receiving Republican votes for Southern Fulton School Board were Hendershot with 150 votes, Scott Smartt (121) and David L. Fagley (58).

Meanwhile, Democrats gave a nod of approval to Bard with 104 votes; Morton, 92; Mosemann, 89; and Hendershot, 78. Rounding out the ballot were Hull, 63 votes; Smartt, 59; and Fagley, 21.

Those receiving their party’s nomination will be joined on the November ballot by Eric Barnhart, who cross filed for a 2-year term on the school board. Barnhart received 87 Democratic votes and 207 Republican votes to beat out challenger and transportation contractor David Ritz Smith. Smith finished out the day with 113 Republican votes and 51 votes from Democrats.

The Central Fulton School Board saw political newcomer Julia Elvey Dovey coming out on top with 231 Republican votes. She was followed by incumbents Hollie L. Garlock and Brent L. Carlson with 213 and 212 votes respectively. As all three candidates cross filed for the four vacant positions on the board, all three individuals will be included on the fall ballot as Democratic candidates. Dovey again rallied the largest amount of votes cast with 163 to Garlock’s and Carlson’s 148 and 130 votes.

The Forbes Road School Board saw three incumbents vying for four vacant positions. Chanin D. Rotz-Mountz secured the largest number of Republican votes cast with 127, which was followed by Kirby Shoemaker with 124 votes and Stacie Lynn Keller with 121. Shoemaker and Keller cross filed as Democrats as well and received 52 and 48 votes respectively.

In the race for the 39th Judicial District and the Fulton/Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, Franklin County assistant district attorney Jeremiah Zook garnered a total of 401 Republican votes. Zook was followed in the polls here by attorneys Jeffrey S. Evans (290 votes) and Jerrold A. Sulcove (107).

However, it was Evans, who operates a private practice in Waynesboro, who came out on top in Fulton County for the local Democratic party nomination. Evans tallied 187 votes here in comparison to Zook with 132 votes and Sulcove with 95.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday night in Franklin County, Zook held a commanding 5,314 vote lead over Evans with 3,913 votes on the Republican ticket. Meanwhile, Democrats were showing their support for Evans, who commanded a 200-vote lead over Zook.

As local votes will be combined with those recorded in neighboring Franklin County, it appears that the party nominations will be split between Zook and Evans, who will in turn appear on the fall ballot as respective Republican and Democratic candidates.

Other election results in fulton County were tallied as follows:

Republican ballot

Vic Stabile, superior court
judge - 558 votes
Patty Suders Fix, county prothonotary - 807
Amber D. Souders, Ayr Township auditor - 99
Thomas K. Morton, Belfast
Township supervisor - 98
G. Jean Morton, Belfast
Township tax collector - 110
Luanne Keebaugh, Belfast
Township auditor - 99
Vivian K. Bernhard, Belfast
Township inspector of elections
- 83
Mark B. Remsburg, Bethel
Township supervisor - 53
Debra Palmer, Bethel Township tax collector - 65
Bethany Golden, Bethel
Township judge of elections - 62
Ruthann Golden, Bethel
Township inspector of elections
- 63
M. Wildena Truax, Brush
Creek Township tax collector -
Stephen Deneen, Brush
Creek Township auditor - 54
Maxine Barton, Brush Creek
Township judge of elections - 56
Jay Barton, Brush Creek
Township inspector of elections
- 56
Tonya (Tawnie) House,
Dublin Township tax collector -
Frances Hoover, Dublin
Township inspector of elections
- 51
A. Donald Swope, Licking
Creek Township supervisor - 54
Betty L. Ramsey, Licking
Creek Township inspector of
elections - 64
Michael L. Chilcote Sr., Mc-
Connellsburg Borough mayor-
James H. Smith, McConnellsburg Borough Council - 46
Joann D. Chilcote, Mc-
Connellsburg Borough tax collector - 46
Linda Carr, McConnellsburg
Borough inspector of elections -
Richard Doney, Taylor Township supervisor - 59
Patricia Sue Hann, Taylor
Township tax collector - 63
Vera M. Brown, Taylor Township, Taylor Township inspector
of elections - 60
Dianna Kincaid, Thompson
Township tax collector - 63
Corrie Gearhart, Thompson
Township inspector of elections
- 47
Mark S. Washabaugh, Todd
Township supervisor - 66
Janet A. Mellott, Todd Township tax collector - 73
Shari M. Washabaugh, Todd
Township auditor (4-year) - 62
Peg Kerlin, Todd Township
inspector of elections - 68
Randy Wills, Union Township
supervisor - 50
Kaylie Oakman, Union Township

tax collector - 60
Suzanne Mann, Union Township inspector of elections - 55
Wanda J. Johnson, Wells
Township auditor (6-year) - 49
Ronda J. Barnett, Wells
Township inspector of elections
- 43

Democratic ballot

Joseph C. Waters Jr., judge of
the superior court - 165
Jack McVay Jr., judge of the
superior court - 187
Julie A. Shearer, Ayr Township tax collector - 73
Joy Dasher, Ayr Township
judge of elections - 59
Kimbra Tweedy, Ayr Township inspector of elections - 59
Carol F. Richards, Belfast
Township judge of elections - 39
Mary Hann, Belfast Township
inspector of elections - 35
Donna J. Lynch, Bethel
Township inspector of elections
- 20
John Mixell, Dublin Township supervisor - 17
Cindy Knepper, Dublin Township judge of elections - 24
Gloria Drenning, Dublin
Township inspector of elections
- 26
Becky Mellott Peck, Licking
Creek Township tax collector -
Bob Wright, Licking Creek
Township constable - 44
Sandra Lynch, Licking Creek
Township judge of elections - 51
Alice L. Mellott Gordon, Licking Creek Township inspector of
elections - 50
Patsy Frazier, McConnellsburg Borough Council - 26
Beulah F. Paylor, McConnellsburg Borough auditor - 29
Wilda Charlene Gordon, Mc-
Connellsburg Borough judge of
elections - 30
Kathleen A. Lake, Mc-
Connellsburg Borough inspector
of elections - 30
David Gourley, Taylor Township judge of elections - 24
Jeanette Dumer, Taylor
Township inspector of elections
- 23
Nancy E. Younker, Thompson
Township inspector of elections
- 30
Jane L. Lininger, Todd Township auditor (6-year) - 46
Debra K. Dick, Todd Township judge of elections - 48
Pamela Bageant, Union
Township inspector of elections
- 15
Rocky Souders, Wells Township supervisor (6-year) - 12
Cathy L. Souders, Wells
Township auditor (4-year) - 12.

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