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Songwriter Inspired By Rural Setting

Cinda Perry’s newest song released through HillTop Records
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Cinda Perry Cinda Perry NEWS EDITOR

Since moving to the Mc- Connellsburg area in 2006, Cinda Perry has spent many hours driving around the county’s back roads and enjoying what country life has to offer. In fact, it’s that rural setting along with the classics of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson and newer works by Taylor Swift and Toby Keith that continue to serve as an inspiration in her quest to write the perfect country song.

A native of Washington County, Md., the 66-year-old retired music teacher recently had her third song recorded and released on the album The Best of HillTop 2013, which was produced by HillTop Records of Hollywood, Calif. Entitled “I’m Glad You Love Me This Way,” Perry’s most recent song represents a more modern style of country music than what she grew accustomed listening to and singing on her arrival in Fulton County.

Her favorite song to date, Perry says “I’m Glad You Love Me This Way” represents a level of maturity in composition that has grown since the release of her very first song “She’s Going Down To Boogie Tonight” and her follow-up song “Boys If I Told You Once,” both also recorded by HillTop Records.

“I had to think of something to do in my retirement,” said Perry. Having spent six months doing nothing but listening to country music, Perry said her first song was very simplistic as she continued to learn the rules of writing country music and further hone her skills.

While she admits to penning a few duds in the beginning, “She’s Going Down To Boogie Tonight” proved to be a dance hit with her high school classmates at their reunion. She’s hoping her newest song, which she is slated to begin recording June 5, “Not Going To Take This Lying Down,” will be received with equal gusto from the music world and country music fans. Of course her biggest fan and critic remains her husband, Spence, a lover of classical music and newly converted country music fan.

A novice to song writing and the recording industry when she started around five years ago, Perry has received much guidance from Mark Miller at M&M Studios in Chambersburg. Helping her get acquainted with the overall process, Miller has been responsible for introducing Perry to demos, Nashville and the instrumental tracks that in turn get submitted to record companies for consideration.

Perry noted she has been working with HillTop, an independent record label, since 2011. The company dabbles in a variety of genres ranging from hip hop and rap to easy listening and country.

Even though she may be relatively new to the recording industry, Perry is certainly no stranger to music. Born into a very musical family, who encouraged her involvement in music at the young age of 5, Perry’s background is as a piano and organ instructor. She now finds herself branching out into other areas such as playing bass guitar through Miller’s instruction.

Saying that songwriters have a “similar story” to those of a struggling artist or writer, Perry has enjoyed her journey these recent years. In fact, her favorite part of song writing is the “journey” of making her lyrics fit into a rhythm and coming up with a musical score.

Anyone wishing to purchase The Best of HillTop’s 2013 country collection can do so through Hill- Top Record’s online store at hilltoprecords.com.

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