2013-05-23 / Correspondents' Notes

Our Town

By Kay McGarvey

Birthday wishes to: Mack Shives, 75 on April 25; John

Rasp, May

22; Heidi

Minnier, May

22; Sylvia

Peck of Needmore, May 22; Marvin Sipes, May 19; Betty Strait, May 16; Kathleen Zimmerman, May 21; Paul Cutchall, May 28; Anna Cutchall, May 30; Makayley Shafer, 5 on May 28; Toby McGarvey, May 26; Garry Miller and Sue Price, May 29; Deb Deshong and Maggie Riggs, May 29; Eli McGarvey Blumenthal, 21 on May 29; Jill Doyle, Jeff Glenn and Jeff Doyle, May 30; Ethan and Emily Eader, 11 on May 30; Lucas McClain, May 28; Annabelle Mellott, May 24; Hillary Chestnut, May 25; Betty McClain, May 25; Jeremy Fletcher, May 25; Greg Garland, May 30; and Evan Hoffman, May 26.

Belated wishes to Justin Rasp, 21 on May 11.

Craig and Jen Knepper will observe their wedding anniversary on May 28.

Doug and Deb Seiders will observe their wedding anniversary on May 25.

Cassidy Pittman returned home from China after a school term of teaching English there.

St. Paul’s United Church of McConnellsburg held a bake and yard sale on Friday and Saturday.

Please keep Cody Trail in your prayers. He is back in the hospital, fighting cancer.

Relatives of this area attended a graduation party for Cooper McGarvey in the home of her parents, Tony and Martina of Scotland. Cooper will be graduating in this year’s senior class at Chambersburg High School. She will be crowned queen at the Color Day ceremonies son Friday. Her sister, Danielle, and husband Michael and daughter Brooke of Seattle, Wash., were here for the occasions and also visited with their great-grandmother, Ruth Souders, in Fulton County Medical Center.

Pleasant Ridge Church of the Nazarene held a concert Sunday by Steve Hess and Southern Salvation from Nashville, Tenn.

Relay For Life was held this past weekend with a lot of activities to raise money for the fight against cancer.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Services will be held throughout the county.

Denny and LeeAnn Pollock will observe their 38th wedding anniversary on May 24.

Pastor Neil Ray’s son, Kenneth, visited with him over the weekend.

Quotable Quotes: “Love is blind, but marriage is an eye-opener.”

It Happened This Week: In 1973, Secretariat won the Preakness Stakes, the second of his Triple Crown victories. Oxbow was the winner this year and was ridden by Gary Stevens, his third Preakness win.

Country Shortcuts: Keep drains clear by pouring boiling water down them once a week.The heat melts gunk, while the water’s force flushes it away.

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