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In Memory


In memory of Helen Crouse for her birthday, May 15, 1937 – January 16, 2012: I write to you this letter From heaven up above Sent upon wings of angels To my children on earth I love I want them to know I love them I want them to know I care Though they may not see me I am always there Our bond cannot be broken Death cannot keep us apart If you ever need me I will be inside your heart Try to enjoy your life I will be watching over you Trying to guide you always In everything you do We will meet again some day When the time is right When you step out of the darkness I will be standing in the light So wipe away the tears Turn it to a smile We will meet again You just have to wait awhile

From her children

Richard, Doris,

Gary, Randy,

Karen, Mike


In memory of Alice Williams who passed away on May 7, 2008:

Well, Mom, here we are five years later and I am still missing you and thinking of you.

Some days I wish heaven had a phone so that I can call you and talk to you and hear your voice one last time. Plus so I can ask you how you are doing.

But, Mom, I already know how you are doing. You are pain free and most of all, you are with Dad. That’s the most important thing.

You will always be in my heart and I know you are with me in spirit and in my heart.

So, Mom, if you can hear me, I want to say I love you and I miss you and happy Mother’s Day.

Love always,


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