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Benghazi Murders Leave Blood On Hands Of Obama, Clinton

To The Editor:

The terrorist attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, and the murder of four Americans is a striking example of apathy, incompetence and betrayal on the part of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The failure of Hillary Clinton to provide adequate security for Ambassador Stevens and his staff on the anniversary of 9/11 is inexcusable. The fact that no less than two orders to “stand down” were given to military personnel who might have been able to help is shameful. Only the president could have issued those orders.

The Obama administration’s justification for not even trying to send help is that assistance could not have arrived in time. That begs the question: Who knew how long the attack was going to continue? At the very least, any decent commander-in-chief would try to rescue his own people. But Obama left the Americans without help and four of them died. He and Hillary Clinton have blood on their hands. If not for the two former Navy SEALS who disobeyed orders and helped rescue other Americans, more would have died.

In the meantime the White House and State Department changed the CIA intelligence reports to indicate that some obscure You Tube video was the cause of the Benghazi attack when they knew from the beginning the attack was organized terrorism. Subsequently, Hillary Clinton hid from the public and sent Susan Rice on the Sunday morning talk shows to repeat a fairy tale about the attack in order to conceal her incompetence in failing to provide adequate security for the ambassador. The cover up, including threats and punishment against whistle blowers continues even now.

To this day we still don’t know where Obama was or what he was doing during the attack while our fellow Americans were being murdered. Availability certainly wasn’t a problem after Bin Laden was killed as pictures of Obama and Hillary in the Situation Room were put out almost immediately while they did victory laps on news programs. And, of course, Obama and Biden released information that SEAL Team Six carried out the mission that made them and their families’ targets of terrorists. Many of the same SEALs were killed a few months later when their helicopter was shot down in a mission that was improperly planned and inadequately supported.

The Obama legacy is one of corruption, socialism and a much weaker America.

Vince Joyce

McConnellsburg, Pa.

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