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Republicans Gather For Spring Dinner

Judicial candidates address crowd
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Jeremiah Zook Jeremiah Zook NEWS EDITOR

Local Republicans again had the opportunity to hear from three candidates vying for a position with the 39th Judicial District and the Fulton/Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

Gathering at the Hustontown Firehall Friday evening as part of their annual spring dinner, around 85 residents heard words from judicial hopefuls Jeremiah Zook, Jerrold Sulcove and Jeff Evans, all seeking a party nomination later this month that could in turn advance them to the November election.

Zook shared with the crowd that he and Sulcove had participated in a ‘Walk a Mile In Her Shoes’ event earlier in the evening in neighboring Franklin County. Organized by Women in Need, the event was to help raise awareness of domestic and sexual violence against women in the community. Around 125 men wearing high heels strutted their stuff and walked down Main Street, Chambersburg, in teams and as individuals.

Jeff Evans Jeff Evans Zook said during his eight years as a prosecutor with the Franklin County District Attorney’s office, he has been walking that walk figuratively in the courtroom standing alongside and representing the interests of victims of violence. On the flip side, Zook elaborated that as a public defender he has also represented criminals charged with crimes. Part of his total 12 years experience as a litigator included working for a private practice in Waynesboro.

“I’ve spent my entire career as a licensed attorney in the courtroom litigating cases, arguing the causes of my clients for the commonwealth in front of juries and judges. I’ve spent a lot of time watching judges, arguing to judges, watching juries, arguing to juries and giving them the rules of evidence,” Zook stated. “That’s experience I bring to bear as a judge ... .”

Jerrold Sulcove Jerrold Sulcove Zook went on to say he believes law and order needs to be maintained in our community and not rewritten or added to.

Candidate Sulcove, a former Women In Need board member, enlightened the crowd with his experiences from Friday night’s walk and the good work the organization does for the community and local women and children.

Not wanting to rehash comment previously shared several months ago at the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, Sulcove told the crowd about his personal background, which includes graduating valedictorian from Chambersburg Area High School in 1995. Studying biology and chemistry in college, he would later take a position in Philadelphia in a research lab handling radioactive and biohazard materials.

Likely influenced by his family, Sulcove said he studied law and currently works in a Chambersburg law practice alongside his brother and father. Part of that practice has been the establishment of a compensation and pension practice for veterans. Sulcove stated he has also worked in wills, real estate transactions, property disputes as well as school and municipal government.

Boasting 23 years experience as a lawyer, Jeffrey Evans said each passing year at his private practice has brought something new and different. From criminal defense and civil law to real estate and family law, Evans cited his varied experience.

Referencing the ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’ event, Evans said domestic abuse and sexual violence continues to be a serious problem in both Franklin and Fulton counties. Steps need to be taken, he stated, to prevent that from happening to anyone, including our wives, daughters and daughter’s friends.

Evans pledged to the crowd, if elected judge, he would ensure due process and that every defendant is given a fair day in court. “I will follow the law as it is set out by the legislature and the constitutions of the United States and Pennsylvania. The proceedings will be orderly and according to the law and rules of evidence so that each side has a fair opportunity to present their case ... ,” concluded Evans.

On hand for the May 3 spring dinner were party committee Chairman Sam Metz, Sheriff Keith Stains, commissioners Rodney McCray and Craig Cutchall, state Rep. Dick Hess, state committeeperson Stanley Kerlin, state Sen. John Eichelberger, county Treasurer Monica Seville, District Attorney Travis Kendall, Coroner Berley Souders, Jury Commissioner Pete Ford, Nancy Bull, representing U.S. Congressman Bill Shuster, and the county Republican Committee members.

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