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Prom Court Memory Jogger Garners Comment

To The Editor:

What a great Memory Jogger picture! And, I, as a graduate from McConnellsburg High School (now Central Fulton), am proud of my heritage, and the fact that I graduated from there.

Mary Ott is a friend of our family, and we go back a long way. Her sister and I graduated from high school in the same class, 1960. And, we were neighbors for all of our childhood years.

The only issue is that I think there was a senior prom for a number of years prior to 1963, and I base this on the fact that I had the opportunity to attend three of them due to invitations from upperclassmen, which was the protocol back then for 10th and 11th graders. (You had to be invited by a senior in order to attend.)

I think the caption should have read, “it was the first year a prom queen was voted on.” I do not remember the prom queen existing prior to this.

Also as an additional bit of information, I think the 50-year column referred to Joyce Cline as being the prom queen.

I believe it should have read Mary Cline.

Mary “Shives” Decker

St. Thomas, Pa,

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