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This week's Memory Jogger, submitted by Grover and Chalmer Strait, of Buck Valley, pictures the Strait family during the summer of 1946. Standing back row are Julia (Cutchall) and Coy Strait. Standing in front are sons Seibert, Chalmer and Grover. This week's Memory Jogger, submitted by Grover and Chalmer Strait, of Buck Valley, pictures the Strait family during the summer of 1946. Standing back row are Julia (Cutchall) and Coy Strait. Standing in front are sons Seibert, Chalmer and Grover. 20 Years Ago

From The Files Of May 6, 1993


Mack and Norma Jean Leasure were awakened at 2 a.m. on Friday morning at their farm home in

Brush Creek Township by the frantic barking of their dog. Mack got a lantern and followed the dog to a maple tree beside their home along a stream. The dog was barking at the foot of the tree, and Mack heard tree branches rustling and the sound of growling and then he saw the outline of a bear. There in the tree was a large bear and two yearling cubs. They also saw a very large bear running into the woods. Mack went back to bed around 4 o’clock, leaving the bear still in the tree and when he awoke at 6 a.m. and went outside to check the bears, they were still in the tree.

Best wishes to Jim Hawbaker and Eunice Marshall who were married on Saturday.

The board of directors of JLG Industries Inc. announced with regret that it has voted in a special meeting to remove John L. Grove as chairman of the board of directors. Mr. Grove, who remains a director, has been personally critical of the board and current management including Mr. Black. Grove recommended and the board unanimously appointed Mr. Black as CEO, thus concluding a lengthy effort to find a successor to Mr. Grove, who was then 70 years old.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cross of Needmore announce the birth of a daughter, Brooke, born April 13, 1993, at Washington County Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Swindell, Needmore, announce the birth of a son, Wesley Charles, April 23, at Waynesboro Hospital.

Melissa Barton and Gene Swadley were united in marriage April 3 at Needmore Bible Church. The bride is the daughter of G. Calvin and Cheryl Barton of Warfordsburg. The groom is the son of Ray and Jessie Swadley of Needmore.

Birth at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Walters of Warfordsburg on April 30.

Deaths: Gerald M. Price, Harrisonville; Abraham L. Peck, Upper Strasburg, formerly of McConnellsburg; Carl W. Morelock, Mercersburg; Maria Miller, Three Springs.

30 Years Ago

From The File Of May 19, 1983


In Tuesday’s primary, the race for party nominations for county commissioner provided several surprises as two of the incumbents were defeated, one of them soundly. Winning the Democratic nomination were Stanley Strait and Boyd Mellott. The Republican candidates will be Donald Culler and Cecil Fraker; Culler was the only incumbent to win the nomination. Strait was the runaway winner, taking 720 votes. He won by more than 200 votes over second-place Boyd Mellott.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brown, located at the “Y” in Fort Littleton, was completely gutted by a fire that broke out at 5:20 a.m. on Tuesday morning, the origin of which has not yet been determined. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were asleep when a smoke alarm awoke them in time to get out of the house unharmed, with their 20-month-old child. All their possessions were destroyed by the fire.

A fire last Wednesday, which destroyed an old barn and a former chicken coop and their contents, has been determined as being accidentally started by two juveniles who were in the barn playing with matches, according to the state fire marshal. The wooden structures were on the property owned by Catherine Alice Sipes, 30, and Donald Beamer Gress, 49, McConnellsburg. The barn contained hay and an old milk tank but no animals or farm equipment, which are all stored in a second barn on the property.

Borough Police Officer Gary W. Long will graduate on Friday from Municipal Police Officers Training Course at the State Police Academy in Hershey, having completed 12 weeks of instruction in all phases of police work.

Specials at the IGA: broccoli, 79 cents; strawberries, 69 cents a pint; cucumbers, 4 for $1; Kool-Aid, 2 for 25 cents; London broil, $2.29 lb.; Parkay margarine, two 1-lb. pkgs., 41; super-size Scope, 42.69.

BMX racing in McConnellsburg took another step forward this year as more than 100 feet of track was added to the existing track east of the fairgrounds. Racers from all over southcentral Pennsylvania participated in the races on Sunday.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Unger of Hancock on May 8; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Orem of McConnellsburg on May 10; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Chester Clark of Three Springs on May 10; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Silvers of Hancock on May 11.

Deaths: Blanche Bard, McConnellsburg; Oliver E. Mellott, Needmore; Cora A. Wible, Berkeley Springs.

Marriage licenses: Leslie E. Wilson, Needmore, and Diana Doye, McConnellsburg; Lewis R. Waugh Jr., Berkeley Springs, and Brenda L. Richards, Needmore; Ronald G. Dixon and Joy L. Barton, both of Wells Tannery.

40 Years Ago

From The Files Of May 17, 1973


State police enlisted the aid of McConnellsburg volunteer firemen on Monday in their search for

Richard Wayne Miller, 19, son of Riley Wayne Miller of McConnellsburg, who has been missing since noon last Thursday. Suspicious circumstances surrounding the youth’s disappearance led police to organize a thorough search of the area where he was last seen. Police investigations thus far have revealed that Miller was on his way home, driving west on Route 30, at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, when he observed three men acting suspiciously around a neighbors’ white pickup truck, parked facing east near the Patterson Run intersection. Miller turned his car around, went back to investigate and has not been seen since. Positive identification by locals revealed that the men seen near the pickup truck are three of four escapees from Wicomico County Work Camp, Towson, Md., near Baltimore. According to police records, the three are two brothers, Carl Isaacs, 19, and William Newton Isaacs, 15, and George Dungee, 35, all of the Baltimore area. State police reported late Tuesday that the car owned by Miller had been found near Donaldsonville in south Georgia, near the Florida line, at the scene of a mass murder committed some time late Monday or early Tuesday morning. The whereabouts of the Fulton County youth is still unknown.

Delmar Seville fell while fishing at Big Cove Tannery on Sunday and broke his ankle. He’s sorry now that he bought that fishing license.

Graduation exercises in Fulton County will get under way this week when Southern Fulton holds baccalaureate services on Sunday for its 51 graduates. In all, 164 Fulton County seniors will receive diplomas this year. Central Fulton’s baccalaureate will be held May 27 with 71 graduates, and Forbes Road will hold baccalaureate on May 27 with 42 graduating.

Fewer than 30 percent of Fulton County voters turned out at the polls for Tuesday’s primary and very little interest was shown in the results, with the courthouse being closed tightly shortly after the last ballot box was delivered at 2 a.m.

Marriage license: Michael Fraker of Fort Littleton and Ruth Elizabeth Roher of McConnellsburg; Mark Sipes of Needmore and Vicki Hoover of McConnellsburg; Arnold Martz of McConnellsburg and Charlotte Kelly of Oil City.

Engagement: Mrs. Dorothy A. Mumma wishes to announce the engagement of her daughter, Melinda Jo, to Richard Taylor, son of Mrs. Charles Taylor of McConnellsburg and the late Charles Taylor.

Deaths: Gwendolyn Blakely, Phoenix, Ariz.; Roy Wible, Three Springs; Mrs. Elma Kough, Saltillo; Mrs. Anna Mowen, Greencastle; Mrs. Beverly Rhines, Harrisonvile; Marshall Bradshaw, Warfordsburg; Miss Dorothy Kirk, Big Cove Tannery; Mrs. Edna Sowers Hann, Needmore; Miss Laura Unger, Chambersburg.

Births at the Medical Center: a son to Mr. and Mrs. John R. Carbaugh of Needmore on May 6; a son to Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Cline of McConnellsburg on May 9.

50 Years Ago

From The Files Of May 23, 1963


With a 40 percent turnout of voters at Tuesday’s primary election, Delmar Mellott with 821 votes and Ned R. Knepper, 470 votes, won the nomiation for county commissioner over the five candidates on the Democratic ballot and, of three Republicans running for the office, Brinton C. Wright with 794 and Dennis O. Shaffer with 579 votes were nominated. Nominated for sheriff were Robert M. Hill, Democrat, and Fred Fisher, Republican. Candidates for other row offices were uncontested.

Fulton County and the nation voted against government controls on the wheat referendum, according to a preliminary count. In Fulton County, 316 votes against quotas and 66 were in favor.

In the liquor license referendum at Tuesday’s election, Thompson Township voters voted dry.

Thirteen-year-old Stephen Mills, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Mills, owners of the Harris Hotel, was killed in a headon auto accident on Route 522 south of McConnellsburg on Sunday evening. Injured in the accident were Donald Kerlin, 17, driver of the car in which he was a passenger, and another passenger, Richard M. Speer, 14, both of McConnellsburg. Robert Skiles, his wife and two children, the driver and passenger in the car involved, were also injured.

McConnellsburg Joint High School will graduate 53 seniors this year and Forbes Road High School, 43.

Engagement announced: Glenda Fraker, Fort Littleton, to Ronald B. Desjardins of Montreal, Quebec.

Marriage licenses issued: Charles Kline, Harrisonville, and Sharon Swisher, McConnellsburg; Marvin Rosenberry and Delores Jane Long, both of Hustontown.

Dr. Robert Fry performed an emergency delivery of twin sons to Mrs. Irene Laidler, 22, of Lapeer, Mich., on Saturday morning at the Medical Center. Mrs. Laidler, her husband and small daughter were en route to Philadelphia when the twins arrived unexpectedly, one at 6:44 a.m. and the other at 6:50 a.m.

Katie Peck is a patient in the Medical Center with a hard-to-heal leg injury. Katie swears by flaxseed pultices as a home remedy for ‘all that ail you” but her doctor has forbidden their use.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shaw have moved from Burnt Cabins to their home on North Second Street.

Carol Morton of Big Cove Tannery was thrown from her horse last week and was admitted to the Medical Center for observation.

Audrey Peck, driving on a learner’s permit with her husband, drove the car onto the sidewalk, wedging it between the Rexall Drug Store and a telephone pole last Thursday, after colliding with another car.

Men in service: Army National Guard Pvt. Frank C. Plessinger, Warfordsburg, completed eight weeks of advanced training at Fort Knox, Ky., on May 3; Pfc. George E. Wible, Hustontown, is serving with the army in Germany and recently took part in an exercise involving NATO forces. Pfc. Terry B. Ramsey, Harrisonville, took part in the same exercise. SP-4 Glever Horton, Burnt Cabins, has returned form a tour of duty with the U.S. Army in Korea and will report to Fort Carson, Colo.

Birth announced: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Peters of Scotland, Pa., on May 19. Mrs. Peters is the former Katherine Bookheimer of McConnellsburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Black celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary at the Center church hall on Sunday with their children and families.

The Paul Bennett family has moved into the S.E. McKee store property in Amaranth.

Elwood Gallagher and Charles Kling have purchased Burnt Cabins Hotel from Ken Shaw.

A cement floor was poured in the new community building at Burnt Cabins on Saturday. The community’s first festival there will be held soon.

Born at the Medical Center: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Baker, Wood, Pa., on May 13; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Hopkins, McConnellsburg, on May 13; a son to Mr. and Mrs. William Hager, Fort Loudon, on May 15; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Corman of Hustontown on May 16; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Enos Ray, Hancock, on May 18; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Sipes, Needmore, on May 19.

Deaths: Mrs. Charles Snyder, McConnellsburg; Miss Annie B. Hollar, Mercersburg; Harry H. Minnich, Enola, Pa.; Frank L. Bishop, Warfordsburg; Mrs. Emma Bergstresser, Waterfall; Jesse B. Heefner, Hustontown; Anna Doran Buckley, Durgano, Colo., born at Burnt Cabins.

60 Years Ago

From The Files Of May 21, 1953


Hal Herman and his orchestra will play for dancing at the local American Legion home on Saturday night.

Mrs. George Thorstenson, the former Betty Smith, and son Jeffrey of Hawthorne, N.J., spent the weekend with Mrs. Mary McCormick Pittman.

Mrs. Ralph Michael, who had been an employee of the Fulton County Board of Assistance, has accepted a position with the Lincoln Loan Services Inc., of Chambersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Wible have received word of the birth of a daughter, Donna Marie, to their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Williams of York, on May 12.

Rev. and Mrs. LaRue Bender are attending the Methodist Conference at Bloomsburg, which is being held from May 20 to May 24.

Mr. and Mrs. James McCormick and children of Venezuela are spending a month with her mother, Mrs. Sadie Knauff of Upper Ayr Township.

A.C. Ogg of Pittsburgh is spending several days at his home here, which is now up for sale.

Births at the Medical Center: twins to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Clippinger of Three Springs on May 10; a son to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Barnett of Clear Ridge on May 12; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. George Fore of Fort Littleton on May 15; daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Gene Snyder of Shade Gap on May 16; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hann of Needmore on May16.

A total of 109 seniors in the four high schools of Fulton County will receive their diplomas this week and next – 14 at Greenhill, 24 at Hustontown, 38 at McConnellsburg, and 33 at Warfordsburg.

The annual Spangler Scholarship will be awarded to a Hustontown senior this year, but the winner’s name has not been yet announced. The scholarship, originally given only at McConnellsburg, is now rotated among all the high schools of Fulton County by Mr. Spangler.

The McConnellsburg Joint School Board has been advised that advertisements have been placed in newspapers for bids for the new elementary school building in Mc- Connellsburg. Bids will be received and opened at the office of the school building authority in Harrisburg on June 11. The specifications, as now written, call for completion of the building by September 1, 1954.

To date, Fulton County Unit of the American Cancer Society has received a total of $1,800 in its annual fundraising campaign.

Without a doubt, Tuesday’s election was the quietest ever held in Fulton County. In McConnellsburg, only 42 Democrats and 85 Republicans cast their votes. There were no contests to be decided with the exception of a councilman on the Republican ticket. E.W. Pyles and Harry Grissinger Jr. each received six votes for this office.

An interesting article, “An Unknown Soldier,” written by Walter R. Sloan, appears in this issue. The first part of the article reads as follows: “In a McConnellsburg graveyard, unrevered and forgotten, lie buried the remains of a hero of the War of 1812-14. In the Presbyterian graveyard is a tombstone with the following inscription: In memory of Gen. John Noble who departed this life May 5, 1842, aged 74 years. Without even a flag as a decoration and with a tombstone, while plainly legible now, is fast deteriorating, he lies in a grave unhonored and unsung. The history of this Gen. John Noble was not known by the present generation until his record was found in the Pennsylvania Archives. He left no descendants that are known to tell future generations of the prominent part he played in the early history of our country.” After recounting some of his records, Mr. Sloan ends his article this way: “Now that we really know the story of Gen. John Noble, let us in the future do him the honor of decorating his grave on Memorial Day, which he so richly deserves.”

One of the highlights of the McConnellsburg seniors’ annual trip to New York this year came when one of their members, Nancy Mentzer, appeared on a quiz show on station WOR. Nancy answered five true or false questions and won $25.

Pfc. Thomas E. Shade Jr., son of Thomas E. Shade Sr., Clear Ridge, was recently awarded the Commendation Ribbon for meritorious service with the 3rd Infantry Division in Korea. The third has participated in many of the bloody battles of the Korean Conflict, including White Horse, Jackson Heights and Kelly Hill.

Death: Richard Cutchall of Maddensville.

Mrs. C.O. Weaver and baby son, who had been in Tyrone, are now at their home at Wells Tannery.

Willis Knepper, who had been a patient in Chambersburg Hospital, has returned to his home at Fairview.

William Ray Anderson and Betty Mumma were married recently.

Born: a daughter last Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ward of Needmore.

The seventh and eighth grades of Fort Littleton School travelled by bus on a sightseeing trip. They were chaperoned by their teachers, Mrs. Dora Swope and Clair Decker.

The Amanda Cromer sale was well attended. Antique articles brought good prices, and Fulton County National Bank stock sold at $179 a share. The property was bought by Leo Nead at $2,250.

Clair W. Largent and Lenore Raffensberger were married on May 9.

70 Years Ago

From The Files Of May 20, 1943


Deaths: George Dallas Hendershot of Warfordsburg; Oscar Cowan of Chambersburg; Jacob Floyd

Taylor of Hustontown; Mrs. David E. Keefer of near Mercersburg; Catherine Leona Mellott of near Needmore.

Jas. H. Kendall has been elected president of the Union Cemetery Co., with Roy J. Cutshall as vice president and Rhoda E. Kendall as secretary-treasurer. Elmer Seiders, after 35 years as sexton, and his son, Paul, assistant sexton, both tendered their resignations. Jabez Knable was elected sexton to fill the vacancy.

The Fulton County War Rationings Board is now made up of T.P. Garland, Harold Rotz, Lloyd W. Mellott, Howard C. Peck, Merrill W. Nace, Joseph Shelly, H.E. Grissinger and Porter Duvall.

John Smith of Ayr Township is seriously ill with mumps.

Porter Duvall, Foster Ambrose and Oscar Unger are on a bear hunting trip in Canada.

Born: a daughter, Janet May, to Mr. and Mrs. Varian Hoover of Hustontown on May 10.

Jack Kelso left on Monday morning for induction into the U.S. Air Corps.

80 Years Ago

From The Files Of May 18, 1933


Deaths: Mrs. Rachel R. Sipes of Harrisonville; Mrs. Katherine Ann Fittery of near Bethlehem Church; Miss Helen S. Bohn of Mc- Connellsburg; Mrs.Charles W. Raker of Licking Creek Township; Sampson H. Mellott of near Sipes Mill; William S. Lysinger of Bedford; Mrs. Mary Amanda Mellott of near Breezewood; John C. Salkeld of Breezewood; William Henry Cooper of Ayr Township; Mrs. Alice Swartzwelder Fink of Everett; James Watson Barnett of Everett; Myron McClain of Cassville; Daniel A. Mellott of Hancock.

“Do not let good enough keep you from the best; for when self-satisfaction sets in, we become our own worst enemies. So run as to win the prize.” Those were the final words of Rev. Wm. J. Lowe’s baccalaureate sermon to the 1933 MHS graduating class on Sunday evening.

Mrs. Marshall Diehl is suffering from several broken ribs received in an automobile accident near Tyrone on Saturday. Others who were in the car and were slightly injured were her husband, son Ralph and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Diehl of Whips Cove.

A number of passengers were stranded in town on Monday afternoon when their bus caught fire and completely burned near the Thomastown Turn, just west of town. No one was injured.

Miss Harriet Sloan entertained her Sunday School class last Friday evening at a jigsaw puzzle party.

Mrs. Phillip Rotz left by bus on Wednesday for Philadelphia, where she will enter University Hospital as a surgical patient.

Lester Mann of May’s Chapel has purchased a new Studebaker.

B.W. Stunkard of Wells Tannery is seriously ill in Roaring Spring Hospital.

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