2013-05-02 / Local & State

Pa. Man Told To Install $20,000 Septic System

LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) – A central Pennsylvania man is being told to oust his outhouse.

The Intelligencer Journal/ Lancaster Sunday News reports 77-year-old Wilson Huyett is being told by Salisbury Township officials that his outhouse has to go.

The township says he must replace the outhouse with a septic system: three underground tanks, a pump and a three-trench sand mound. Huyett is guessing it'll cost around $20,000.

The burly bachelor says the outhouse on his 140-acre farm isn't bothering anybody and is separated from his closest neighbors by a quarter mile of fields and woods.

Bob Mohn of the sewage enforcement office says Huyett's outhouse is in a high-quality watershed and violates the state's sewage facilities law.

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