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Takes Issue With Open Walk Speakers’ Comments

To The Editor:

I read with some interest your coverage of the Open Walk, Fulton County News, April 25, but was surprised at the speaker’s ignorance of the status of the war in Vietnam. He said, speaking of a firearm taken from a “deceased VC while defending the nation’s Constitution.” The last time I looked the war powers in the Constitution were quite clear: they belong to Congress. The war in Vietnam was an undeclared one brought to us by the Executive Branch. Yes, there was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, a cynical piece of public manipulation, but the Constitution is strangely silent on the issue of war based on a resolution. Strictly speaking, the war in Vietnam was an illegal one without a Congressional mandate and whatever Mr. Garlock was or was not doing in southeast Asia he most certainly was not defending the nation’s Constitution.

Finally, a word or two in reference to the district attorney’s remarks. Mr. Kendall referred to our president as King Barack and wanted to remind him “that he cannot take away our guns.” Ignoring the gratuitous insult to the office of the president, I defy Mr. Kendall to show us any evidence that Mr. Obama has any plans or hopes of taking away our guns. Mr. Kendall is fond of exposing the Big Lies. Perhaps he should be more careful of his assertions lest he be hoisted on his own petard.

In these public comments we are also treated to Big Lie #1, namely that the reference in the Constitution to a militia refers not to the National Guard, but to the people and cites in support of this, a federal code of 1916. The Constitution was ratified in 1787; I fail to see the relevance of a code from 1916 in trying to suss out what the framers had in mind. A lie is a deliberate falsification. To suggest that people of good faith who read the Constitution differently than Mr. Kendall re lying is a grotesque repudiation of the democratic process. If the Second Amendment was that clear we would not be having this discussion. Democracy, is a process, the Constitution has 27 amendments and many honest and intelligent men and women have grappled with the founders’ intent. Mr. Kendall has unfortunately, added nothing positive to the public debate and as an officer of the court should be ashamed.

Charles Gobin

White Post, Va.

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