2013-05-02 / Letters

Praises Open Carry Participants, Supporters

To The Editor,

Outstanding! Our Open Carry Walk exceeded our very best expectations. It appears there are far more good people here who are willing to stand up for what they believe in than many thought. And all 130 of us learned that particularly now, it’s OK to do so. It’s not only OK, it is critical.

Beyond the Second Amendment, we are all watching this country speeding away from the ideals, principles and common sense on which it was founded and on which it grew and succeeded. Those in a position to guide it continue to ignore the history of past failed democracies, logic and bare-bones fact in favor of their own personal agendas and ideologies. The Second just happens to be our flagship. And we on this side of the fence realize that if they get that one, everything else will follow in fairly short order.

The good news is that if you get on the computer and search “Open Carry Walks,” you’ll see that these things are spreading like wildfire. There is no question we just added our voices to the growing effort to offer a fight. Those who participated, demonstrated that we are paying attention, and we’re angry at the way things are going. We may not be quite that far down on the list of the “Eight Stages of a Democracy,” yet. Apathy is one of the final stages. A return to bondage is the last.

Gotta take my hat off to Larry Garlock, who is Dick Hess’s legislative assistant. Larry read a letter from Rep. Hess that made it clear (as if we didn’t know) where Dick stands on the subject. Our county district attorney, Travis Kendall, just blew us all away with his very informative and stirring speech on the origins of the Second Amendment. The event would have been far less fulfilling without him.

I also have to give a great deal of credit to Chanin Mountz, ace reporter for The Fulton County News. Her enthusiasm for the concept put it on the front pages. Our sincere appreciation also goes to the “News” itself for their patience with it.

Now, it is time for us to dream up another way to drive the point home. We can’t be silent any longer. And if the Open Carry Walk was any indication, maybe we won’t be.

Bill Watson


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