2013-04-25 / Local & State

MES Character Counts Students Named

McConnellsburg Elementary is continuing its character education program. It is believed that character counts so each month a different character trait is promoted. In January the trait of integrity was worked on. Integrity is having values, being consistent with values – not wavering due to outside influences, but standing strong in how one should live and believe. It is always doing the right thing even when you know no one else is looking.

The following students were named:

Sophia Carbaugh, Bodie Shives, Sage Will, Harry Clary, Brianna Kylor, Wyatt Hershey, Henry Hershey, Kaeten Sipes, Mikey Keefer, Jacob Hann, Alison Tucker, Kelly Kotmair, Linkyn Harmon, Ashlyn Dickinson, Mireya Eastep, Jozalyn Troia, Carrie Glee, A. J. Goddisart, Daylynn Atherton, Caci Lynch, Tobias McGarvey, Kiara Tu, Kendyl Truax, Nya Minnier and Kailey Swope.

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