2013-04-25 / Church News

Jehovah’s Witnesses Attend Special Assembly Day

“Safeguard Your Conscience” was the theme of the Saturday Special Assembly Day attended by local Jehovah’s Witnesses. The day-long seminar at the Christian Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Grantville, Pa., east of Harrisburg, was attended by 61 local witnesses of all ages from the McConnellsburg congregation, according to Dan Ritondo, a congregation elder.

The theme, taken from I Timothy 1:19, focused on the need for dedicated Christians to utilize the remarkable gift of conscience from the Creator. The program was designed to encourage and assist all to build a Bible-trained conscience. The educational seminar consisted of prayer, Biblebased talks, skits, interviews, songs of praise to Jehovah and a public baptism of those newly dedicating their lives to the doing of God’s will.

According to Ritondo, “Applying the instruction we receive will strengthen us to do what is right and focus on the prize of everlasting life so that we will not be lured off course by the fleeting pleasures of the world.”

He pointed out that the audience was encouraged to take brief notes and later, to use those notes during family worship evening. Each witness family sets aside an evening during the week to review and meditate on spiritual matters appropriate to the specific family.

There were a total of 618 in attendance. All sessions were free and open to the public.

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