2013-04-18 / Obituaries


In loving memory of Larry Johnson, 10-03-37 to 04-16-11:

Letter From Heaven

Hey everybody, I hope this doesn’t reach you too late. I don’t want you to worry because life up here is great.

I can’t wait for you to see the beauty of heaven, but I know it’s not your time. I really miss you guys, but I know you’ll be just fine.

You know I can see you right? So please stop shedding tears! You guys, I’m perfectly fine. So conquer all your fears.

I’ll be watching your every move. Relax! I won’t spill your beans, but stop all those naughty things you do because you know there’s nothing He can’t see.

I need you to come here to meet me, but not if you misbehave, so please keep God in your heart and you’ll be safe and saved.

Hey guys, I know you miss me. It’s really hard not to, but please, please stop grieving because you’re making me sad, too.

You guys have been a great family and I am truly blessed. You’ve raised me thru my earthly life now God will do the rest.

He’s really a great person and an even better friend. I’m in great hands and on Him you can also depend. Oh boy, I’m getting carried away; I want to say so many things, but I really have to go now because today I’m getting my wings.

Bye you guys, love you forever and a day!

P.S. Be good, I’ll be watching!

I love and
miss you always,
Your wife
“Mrs. J.”

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