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Asks Retired School, State Employees To Attend Pension Reform Meeting

To The Editor:

To all retired public school and retired state employees: The fight to change the public employee and state employee retirement systems is under way, with Gov. Corbett leading the way in seeking reform. Recent proposals have included the change from a defined benefit retirement plan to a defined contribution plan. It is now more important than ever that retired public school and retired state employees unite and provide a voice of reason for legislators, the governor and the unions to work for a solution to the funding problems that will benefit all Pennsylvanians.

It is important that all retired public school employees and retired state employees take note of a report issued by the Public Employees Retirement Commission in February 2013. The report notes that eliminating some benefits currently received by retirees can reduce retirement costs. Previously granted cost-ofliving adjustments (COLAs) and the health insurance premium assistance benefit are not contractual pension benefits and therefore could be eliminated, as a costsaving measure, according to this report.

At 1 p.m. on April 22, 2013, at Needmore Bible Church, the Regional 4 legislative chairman of Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR) will make a presentation on pension reform proposals. This will include the latest information on proposed legislative action with regard to state employee pension reform and how it might impact current school and state retirees, school and state employees and future retirees.

All retired former school and state employees are invited to attend whether or not you belong to any retiree organization. All questions and comments will be welcomed, answered and discussed to the extent information is available.

Ronald L. Mitchell,
President FCPASR
Richard C. Price,
Legislative Chairman

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