2013-04-11 / Local & State

Association Of Jury Commissioners To Appeal Supreme Court Decision

Court order took nominating process out of hands of voters

The Pennsylvania State Association of Jury Commissioners has appealed to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania an order by the Commonwealth Court that takes the nominating process for the office of jury commissioner in 42 counties out of the hands of the voters.

“We believe the decision by Senior Judge James G. Colins should be reversed and the voters be allowed to select candidates in the primary,” said Larry Thompson, president of the Pennsylvania State Association of Jury Commissioners.

Commissioners in 42 counties abolished the Office of Jury Commissioner based on a law passed by the Legislature, but the Supreme Court ruled the law unconstitutional in a unanimous vote.

Judge Colins’ ruling issued on April 4 bypasses the voters and allows political parties to select candidates for the office of jury commissioner for the November general election. In a petition filed by West Chester attorney Samuel Stretton for the jury commissioners on Monday, the association asks the Supreme Court to review the Commonwealth ruling.

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