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Sidewalk Near Giant Food Tops Council Agenda

Variance granted to VFW, post office parking discussed
By Jean Snyder

McConnellsburg Borough Council revisited a sidewalk problem, granted a variance to move a business into a vacant lot on Poplar Street and heard a request from a local attorney to designate limited parking for post office customers.

Dan Adams, a Big Cove Tannery resident, appeared at Borough Council’s regular monthly meeting last Wednesday evening and asked for help in getting a sidewalk put in from where the sidewalk stops on the east side of South Second Street to where the Giant Food Store sidewalk begins.

The missing sidewalk, which forces pedestrians and the disabled unsafely onto the South Second Street /Route 522 roadway, has been discussed numerous times at numerous municipal meetings with no resolution to the problem. Adams said he had been to the Ayr Township supervisors and to the Giant Food Store and was told by both that they do not consider it their problem, and it was suggested that he go to Borough Council. On various maps, it appears that the borough and Ayr Township line is somewhere within the disputed area. Putting a sidewalk in also would be complicated by the fact that a utility pole stands in the middle of the area as well as various signs announcing the entrance to McConnellsburg.

Borough Council members reminded Adams that they had approached the Ayr Township supervisors years ago and offered to split the cost of putting in the sidewalk and the supervisors turned them down.

Councilman Rick Buterbaugh suggested that Adams contact PennDOT as Buterbaugh said an engineering study would have been done by PennDOT when the Giant project was planned. He said that, perhaps, that study would better delineate where the borders are as well as shed some light on what the original sidewalk plan for the area entailed. When built, Giant and/or its landlords put sidewalks in on all of the property, including a sidewalk to the north past the gas pumps that could be joined with the now-missing sidewalk. Adams agreed to talk with PennDOT.

On Wednesday night, council also granted a variance to the Mc- Connellsburg VFW on Poplar Street for the purpose of relocating The Cone Zone ice cream stand/restaurant from its present location on old Route 30 near the McConnellsburg Motor and Implement business to a vacant lot just to the east of the VFW. According to VFW Cmdr. George Cutchall, the club has agreed to lease the property to Cone Zone owner Anne Seville. The vacant lot, which housed mobile homes, will provide space for the eatery as well as parking off the street. A variance for the area now zoned residential was granted and Cutchall said the business plans to move in July 2013. Cutchall also reported to council on the club’s charitable giving, saying it has donated $78,000 to date this year to various organizations. He said the VFW is averaging donations of $10,000-15,000 per month from its small games of chance.

Local attorney Stanley J. Kerlin submitted a subdivision plan for a Market Street property, requesting that the borough approve putting the boundaries back to the original property line prior to a subdivision plan that was approved several years ago. Council approved the plan. While in attendance at the meeting, attorney Kerlin suggested that council designate a few parking spaces on the south side of East Maple Street from Second Street east to the post office lot for 30- minute parking from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Kerlin said that would give postal customers an opportunity to conduct business at the post office and would eliminate the 24- hour parking problem.

The topic is one that has been discussed many times over the years, but again Wednesday night, no action was taken on the request.

James A. Maun of Brindle Associates, representing the Mc- Connellsburg United Methodist Church with its new building project, told council members that he had made a formal plan submission to the county planning commission and the Conservation District and will submit to the borough’s engineer, Keller Engineers. The church is seeking approval for its stormwater management plan, and council will await comments from its engineer.

Also in other business, council approved a resolution recommended by its police pension fund actuary Conrad Sigel to “impose a maximum amortization each year on the pension plan.” Once passed, the resolution is irrevocable for the 10-year period but will reduce the borough’s contribution to the police pension plan from $63,000 to $7,691 each year in both 2013 and 2014 and $14,517 in 2015. The resolution was approved on a Jim Smith/Rick Buterbaugh motion.

Borough secretary Jack Fields also informed council members that Bill Watson will lead a Second Amendment “Right to Carry” demonstration later this month. Watson said the group plans to walk on the sidewalk from the courthouse to the VFW and then to the American Legion.

Council approved a request from Todd Alexander to close a portion of East Market Street (from the square east to the alley) on June 21, 2013, for his annual office picnic.

Fields reported that the borough has received $1,060 from an insurance company for the post lamp destroyed by a motorist in front of the Fulton House. Fields also said he has received $4,500 in insurance for the signal light at North Third Street destroyed by a truck rig.

Fields also announced that the county will give the borough $25,586 in liquid fuel funds designated for blacktopping North First Avenue past the Neighborhood Service Center. Fields told council members that the streets will be swept on April 17.

Council also voted to again make a $100 donation to the 5K Strawberry Stampede scheduled for June 15.

Mayor Mike Chilcote reported that the fire company’s safety committee held a two-hour safety certification meeting. The establishment of the committee and thetrainingwillresultina5percent decrease in workers’ comp premiums.

Regular business

During regular business, council approved payment of March bills in the amount of $14,935.10. Receipts for the same period were $18,990.24. Checks were written for $15,238.61 and the April 1 balance was $41,956.75.

Council members present were Travis Bard, David Washabaugh, Jim Smith, Pat Booth, Pat Frazier, Rick Buterbaugh and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

Borough Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 1, 2013.

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