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Keefer Wins At Path Valley

The night before Easter the Easter Bunny paid a visit to Path Valley Speedway, giving treats to all the kids in attendance. Meanwhile six drivers got an Easter “treat” with a trip to victory lane. Two of them were already getting their second win in as many races.

On paper the Super Stock feature doesn’t appear that exciting, with polesitter Dan Furman leading all 20 laps for the win. It actually was the closest race of the night with four drivers nose-totail and side-by-side at the front. Devin Hart applied the pressure to Furman the first half of the race, looking to the inside. Terry Norris reeled in the leaders and worked around Hart using the high groove and into second. Norris pulled alongside Furman as they raced down the backstretch on the final lap, but was too high entering the final turn and had to settle for second. Hart finished third, with Adam Imes right behind in fourth. Deron Henry recovered from a spin to finish fifth. Heat race wins went to Hart and Imes.

Jeremy Ott was struggling to tune a new engine and was unable to run a lap in the warm-ups or the heat race. That put Ott seventh on the eight-car grid of the Mini Stock feature. While polesitter Phil Boden was holding back Gary Dehart, Ott weaved through the field and caught the leaders. Just as in the previous feature, while Dehart worked the bottom Ott went high and took second just before the yellow flag waved. After the restart Ott went low and past Boden for the lead. Ott led the last 15 laps for the win. Mark Grove stays hot, following last week’s win with a second place finish this week. Third through fifth went to Eric Seibert, Dan Smith and Dehart. Grove was the heat race winner.

Paul Bacchus led every lap of the Penn-Mar Vintage Car feature, followed by Steve Wenrich and Larry Felty. Bacchus also won the heat race.

Greg Moore won his second Street Stock feature in as many weeks. Moore won the heat race and led all 20 laps of the feature in dominant fashion. Ken Singer was the polesitter but had to come from the back to finish second after spinning out on the first lap. Boyd Brode and Emory Covert finished third and fourth, while Dave Brown dropped from third to fifth when he spun out exiting the final turn.

In the 4-Cylinder Thunder Car feature D.J. Keefer of McConnellsburg easily outdistanced the field, leading all 20 laps for the win. Justin Rasp provided some pressure early on but could not keep pace with Keefer and finished second. Following Rasp across the line was Shaun Linn, Kyle Martin and Dalton McQuade. The heat race win also went to Keefer.

Justin Williamson dominated the Strictly Stock feature for the second straight week. Williamson took the lead from polesitter Eric Boozel on the second lap and pulled away every lap after that to win by nearly half a lap. When Andrew Benson was disqualified, second through fifth went to Nathan Woolley, Boozel, Richard Wolfe and Jackie Gordon.

March 30 results

Super Stock: 1. Dan Furman (Gettysburg), 2. Terry Norris, 3. Devin Hart, 4. Adam Imes, 5. Deron Henry, 6. Austin Johnson, 7. Brandy Mills, 8. Amber Mills, 9. Pat Spyker, 10. Joey Burdge, 11. Rich Adair.

Mini Stock: 1. Jeremy Ott (Upper Strasburg), 2. Mark Grove, 3. Eric Seibert, 4. Dan Smith, 5. Gary Dehart, 6. Shawn Fessler, 7. Phil Boden, 8. Jason Stoner.

Penn-Mar Vintage Car: 1. Paul Bacchus (Valencia, Pa.), 2. Stew Wenrich, 3. Larry Felty.

Street Stock: 1. Greg Moore (Defiance, Pa.), 2. Ken Singer, 3. Boyd Brode, 4. Emory Covert, 5. Dave Brown, 6. Brad Long.

4- Cylinder Thunder Car: 1. D.J. Keefer (Mc- Connellsburg), 2. Justin Rasp, 3. Shaun Linn, 4. Kyle Martin, 5. Dalton Mc- Quade, 6. Troy Showalter.

Strictly Stock: 1. Justin Williamson (Orbisonia), 2. Nathan Woolley, 3. Eric Boozel, 4. Richard Wolfe, 5. Jackie Gordon, 6. Garrett Watkins, 7. Kaili Hockensmith .

Coming up next weekend: Friday, April 5: Reg Classes and Late Models.

Saturday, April 6: Reg Classes and 600 Stock Sprints.

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