2013-04-04 / Letters

Actions Needed Following Meeting On Meadow Grounds Lake

To The Editor:

There are three actions I believe should be taken to provide follow-up to the March 21 meeting at the McConnellsburg High School on the Meadow Grounds Lake.

1. I believe the county commissioners should ask the PA Fish and Boat Commission and the Dam Safety Division of the DEP to provide written answers to the following questions: (a) Who decided that the lake should be drained? (b) When? and (c) On what basis? And is there an official report documenting this decision?

2. It would also be great if The Fulton County News would publish a weekly front page “bulletin” giving the latest information provided by the county commissioners as to what progress is being made toward resolving this issue.

3. And I believe that Sen. Eichelberger should continue to hold periodic public meetings with staff from all the state and county offices involved, until all the issues under discussion have been successfully worked out.

Dan Adams
Big Cove Tannery

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