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SF Awards Hann 3-Year Contract

Hervey Hann to remain on board as district superintendent
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Hervey Hann will be joining the Southern Fulton School District on a permanent basis as a result of action taken by the school board last Tuesday evening.

On a motion by board members Patrick Bard and Timothy Mellott, the board unanimously hired Hann to serve in the capacity of superintendent at a salary of $110,000. Follow-up motions, which were also approved on unanimous roll-call votes, included approval of a multi-year contract and a “superintendent evaluation tool.”

The agreement or contract between Hann and the board indicates a three-year term of office will run from July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2016. Performance expectations set forth by the board include “satisfactory achievement” on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests and Keystone exams; acceptable student growth; maintaining attrition and graduation rates; furnish recommendations to the board on personnel employed or to be employed; study and recommend criticism, suggestions or complaints brought to the district; and report to the board on suggested goals and current operations.

The contract also outlines Hann’s compensation for his performance and duties, which includes a starting salary of $110,000. Additional increases over the duration of the agreement are at the discretion of the board.

The board is slated to evaluate the superintendent at least once annually, no later than July 1 each year, using the approved evaluation tool. Not only will Hann be asked to perform a self-assessment, but each board member will also assess the superintendent.

It was noted the performance assessment is to be used to strengthen the relationship between the district and superintendent; to provide clarity on the performance expectations of the superintendent’s position; to discuss and establish goals for the upcoming years; to address salary adjustments; and discuss any work performance issues.

Hann, a county native and current resident of Huntingdon, got his start in education in 1969, accepting a mathematics teaching position at Chestnut Ridge Junior/ Senior High School. In 1982, he moved up the ranks to assistant principal before moving onto the same position at Waynesboro Area High School five years later.

Hann returned to Fulton County in 1988, taking on the high school principal/curriculum director position at the Central Fulton School District. Eventually, Hann moved up the ladder again, assuming the role of Central Fulton superintendent.

The most recent years of Hann’s career were spent as superintendent of Huntingdon Area School District and chief executive officer of blendedschools.net.

Happy to return home, Hann told the “News,” “It has been great to be able to return to my home district to work after all these years of being away. I greatly appreciate the opportunity the board of directors has provided me.”

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