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Meadow Grounds Meeting Attendance Encouraged

To The Editor:

The Fulton County Conservation District encourages all those interested in the short- and longterm fate of the Meadow Grounds Lake to attend the public meeting to be held this Thursday evening, March 21, at the McConnellsburg High School Auditorium. Over the last couple of weeks we have heard from large numbers of people who are passionate about preserving the Meadow Grounds Lake for future generations.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the public meeting will be the opportunity to demonstrate to our state elected officials the local desire to, as quickly as possible, determine, and fund, the least-cost options for renovating the dam and/or spillway.

While it seems unlikely that the decision to drain the lake will be reversed, it is important that local citizens be provided a thorough explanation of the decision, and an opportunity to discuss the reasoning, and the evidence behind the decision. It also seems appropriate to express our displeasure with the lack of communication between the PA Department of Environmental Protection, PA Fish & Boat Commission, and our local agencies and elected officials – that preceded the announcement that the conditions at the dam had deteriorated to the point of a public safety concern, and required the complete draining of the lake.

As the Meadow Grounds Lake is fully emptied, the PA Fish and Boat Commission will salvage all the fish they can, and work to minimize the negative impacts of high flows and increased sediment and nutrient loads to downstream areas. Engineering investigations and design work will likely result in a proposed project measured in millions of dollars.

Without any designated state funding currently available to repair the problem, it will be very important for our state elected officials to realize that the recreational and economic benefits of the Meadow Grounds Lake are very real to our community, and that our local green infrastructure, such as our state forests, state gamelands, state parks, and Fish Commission lakes are just as important to our economy and our future as are the roads and bridges that we travel to get to them.

We encourage all citizens to attend the meeting and concisely and respectfully present their questions, concerns or opinions.

Scott Alexander

Watershed Specialist

Fulton County

Conservation District

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