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Asks For Financal Support For Jailhouse Bricks

To The Editor:

On behalf of the Fulton County Historical Society I would like to tell you that we have been in touch with Williamsport Brick. As soon as the weather breaks, they will be starting on the bricks to complete the restoration of the old jail. The Fulton County Jail was built in 1852 and not a dime of taxpayer money was used in its original construction. However, pledges from over 50 residents, such as the Kendalls, Logans, Sipes, Holkes and Nelson, to name a few, paid for its erection. With the support of a lot of concerned citizens, the Fulton County commissioners decided to keep the jail and restore it.

The Fulton County Historical Society decided to head the brick construction. Glen Cordell and I spent many hours with many different ways to restore the outside. We came up with the idea to brick case the jail to match the courthouse.

We need your support. The cost will be in the area of $62,000. Thus far, with the help of the public, plus a sizable donation from our local VFW, we are short in the area of $25,000 to complete this project. This is not the Mc- Connellsburg Jail, it is the Fulton County Jail. Your help in making an eyesore in a historic place of beauty will be deeply appreciated.

All donations are tax exempt and a special plaque will be erected inside the jail in honor of those donating $1,000 or more. We would be deeply grateful for your support. The address is: Fulton County Historical Society, PO Box 115, McConnellsburg, PA 17233

Thank you,

Richard Miller


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