2013-03-14 / Letters

Praise For Forbes Road’s “Wizard Of Oz”

To The Editor:

Kudos to the students, staff, orchestra, set builders, director and all who, in any way, were involved in producing and implementing a great musical. Yes, I speak of “The Wizard of Oz,” executed magnificently by the students at Forbes Road School.

Every lead was well cast and did a superb job. Olivia Mills has a great talent and was perfect in her role as Dorothy. I think no one could have walked out of the musical not remembering the very agile, nimble Scarecrow (Kyle Schoen) the squeaky, delightful Tin Woodman (Matthew Bricker) and that loveable, cowardly Lion, Trevor Martz. The scary “bad witch” did a masterful job as well as did the lovely good witch. There are too many to mention by name but be proud of the job each of you did from the crows, the trees, the poppies, Munchkins and more. All your efforts made a perfectly enjoyable evening.

One criticism: that with the audience. Do the attendees of the theater or events not know how important it is to show approval by applauding? What a dull audience on Friday night! I was appalled at the lack of vigorous clapping after obvious excellent scenes and at the end of the show. I observed nearly whole rows of apathy, people sitting with hands on laps and no clapping. Wake up audiences, your participation is invaluable to the actors.

But to the Forbes Road School’s Drama Club and all who gave us a great show, thank you. I look forward to next year’s musical.

Helen Overly


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