2013-03-14 / Letters

Ask Eichelberger To Support SB400

To the Editor,

A study showing that Pennsylvania can save billions of dollars by adopting a one payer system for healthcare has been completed. Anyone can read the study for themselves at the Web site Healthcare4allPA.org.

On March 19 a bill will be presented to the Pennsylvania State Senate in Harrisburg that, if passed, will provide everyone in Pennsylvania with comprehensive healthcare coverage at less cost than they now incur for copays and insurance. It’s a big step forward, but it needs support from the people. Not everyone in the legislature is inclined to support the bill, so it’s up to us to let them know we want it.

The bill has the name “The Family and Business Healthcare Security Act” and is known simply as The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan, or PHCP. The numbering system in the Pennsylvania Senate gives it the designation SB 400, so when you write or call your senator, mention the SB 400 and ask him or her to support it.

There will be coverage in local and state papers describing this plan and the study that proves it will work and work well for all of us.

Jack Hendricks


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