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Public Meeting Set For Wells Tannery Post Office

Patrons urged to send in surveys on future services
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

The Wells Tannery Post Office is currently being considered for a reduction in window hours that if approved would decrease window service to four hours on weekdays. The Wells Tannery Post Office is currently being considered for a reduction in window hours that if approved would decrease window service to four hours on weekdays. NEWS EDITOR

Residents of Wells Tannery are being urged to attend a public meeting scheduled by the United States Postal Service for next month.

A meeting has been set for Tuesday, April 9, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Wells Tannery Community Building to discuss the future operations of the small, rural post office. This particular post office location is currently under consideration for a 50 percent reduction in window hours.

In addition to marking the calendar with this important date, residents receiving mail directly through a post office box or rural route delivery should also keep their eyes peeled for an important survey from the Postal Service. The survey will solicit community input from postal patrons to de- termine which of four available options should be implemented locally.

Survey recipients are asked to choose between the options, including one allowing the Wells Tannery Post Office to remain open but with fewer window hours for patrons. Window hours would be reduced from eight hours to four hours on weekdays. Saturday window service would remain unchanged for now, although an announcement was recently released stating the Postal Service plans to end Saturday mail delivery in August.

The second available option outlined asks for a “discontinuance study” to be performed by the Postal Service and expand roadside mailbox delivery to all customers. Retail and delivery service would also be offered through the rural carrier.

The third option also asks for the completion of a discontinuance study that would in turn allow for a contractor, many times a local business owner, to provide for an alternative location known as a “village post office.” These alternative locations, according to the Postal Service, allow stamps and flat-rate products to be offered “with service hours generally more expansive than what the local post office may be able to offer.

As a final option, a discontinuance survey would allow for the office to close and relocate the post office box service in Wells Tannery to a nearby post office.

Results of this survey could likely determine the post office’s future operations, and postal officials are hopeful they will see a return rate of 80 to 100 percent. Only one option should be marked on the survey. Those surveys marked with more than one option will be null and void.

The surveys will likely be mailed to postal patrons during the next week, and residents should be mindful of the deadline for return.

Results of the survey are expected to be shared during the public meeting on April 9. At that time, any questions from patrons will be fielded by postal employees, who will also provide additional information and details on the POST Plan.

The April meeting is one of a series of meetings to be held across Fulton County regarding future operations of postal facilities. Meetings have already been held in Warfordsburg and Waterfall, where a decision was made to cut window hours from eight to six hours. Other post offices eyed by the Postal Service are Hustontown, Crystal Spring and Burnt Cabins.

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