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Don’t Overlook These Seasonal Kitchen Tasks

While regular kitchen chores like doing the dishes and taking out the trash are almost impossible to ignore, it can be easy to forget certain maintenance tasks that keep your ship smoothly sailing.

Spring cleaning season is the perfect chance to take care of those often overlooked items that deserve your semi-annual attention. So between dusting the cobwebs and organizing your pantry, be sure to do the following:

Freshen the fridge

A refrigerator can get icky quickly if you aren’t careful. Don’t neglect to give it your thorough attention.

Unplug your fridge to dust below it safely with a coil brush.

Then remove everything in there, discarding any outof date items. Clean every surface with soap and water, including the door seals, which are prone to collect crumbs and food debris. For tough gunk and odors, use baking soda.

Drawers can be removed and cleaned in the sink.

Before putting the food back in the fridge, ensure everything is wiped down and clean – especially potentially sticky items like jelly jars.

Sharpen knives

The old adage “ work smarter, not harder” holds true when it comes to keeping your kitchen knives razor sharp. Not only are sharp knives safer to use, but they will also make you a more efficient cook, saving you loads of chopping, slicing and dicing time.

You should already be honing and polishing knife edges after each use. But take the spring cleaning season to sharpen your knives with a high-quality sharpener.

Look for a sharpener that offers diversity. For example, Edgeware’s adjustable electric knife sharpeners and manual knife sharpeners include coarse and fine sharpening slots for dull and damaged knives and regular maintenance respectively. Such sharpeners are ideal for sharpening a variety of knives, from straight edge blades to serrated. For howto videos and other tips on restoring your knives to their original factory angle, visit www.edgewareproducts.com.

Clean the oven

Accidents in the oven are inevitable. And because you can’t wipe down the oven while it’s still piping hot, spills have a long time to set, making the cleaning process later a tough one.

If you don’t have a selfcleaning oven, and want to avoid caustic products such as ammonia, baking soda and diluted vinegar can work wonders. Apply to spills and splatters and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping down.

Remember, a little prevention goes a long way. For future cakes, casseroles and other baked treats and meals, use aluminum foil to catch spills and drips.

Spring cleaning is more than just an annual liaison with your mops and brooms. Use the time to maintain the tools and components of your home that you take for granted.

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