2013-02-28 / Local & State

Automatic Spending Cuts Detailed

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The Obama administration says Pennsylvania” s schools, military, environmental protection, drug treatment and public health are among things that would see reduced funding if automatic cuts to the federal budget take effect this week.

The White House said the numbers cover only cuts from March to September; it’s unclear whether states could move money around.

Pennsylvania reductions would include:

Furlough of about 26,000 civilian military employees;

About $26.4 million for primary and secondary education;

About $21.4 million to educate children with disabilities;

More than $2.9 million for substance abuse programs; and

More than $1.2 million to respond to public health threats.

Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration says the cuts would mean a loss of about $240 million, and federal money lost wouldn’t be replaced by state funds.

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