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Thank You, Fulton County

To The Editor:

On February 19 two members of the Fulton County Farm Bureau travelled to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey to deliver $3,192.67 in cash and donated goods.

On that day it was the largest amount brought to the facility. They were also invited to participate in a media event, staged at the Ronald McDonald House, to commemorate Food Check Out Day, which recognizes the productivity of agriculture in the state of Pennsylvania.

Food Check Out Day is promoted by the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau as that time or date in the new year when, by most economic standards, a family of four would have earned funds sufficient to provide for their family for the entire year. That date was February 19.

Also, while there, they were given a brief tour of the new facility, which is very, very nice indeed. Two moms gave some insight into their experience as guests, each having a little one at the nearby hospital, saying what a blessing to have such comfortable living space, meals available and often times, caring, comforting volunteers around to provide encouragement. One other person shared she had been there 100 nights, at no cost! Wow, what a blessing!

Thanks so much to all who donated, from large sums of money to pennies, and for all the food and support items, as well as the can tabs – 63 pounds of them.

Thanks so much to the businesses that opened their doors for our collection boxes and watched over them during the three weeks of this collection cycle. And to the three ladies who worked to contact churches and organizations gathered in the donations and made sure everything was done. Bless you, Sue Fleming, Dot Mellott and Donna Lynch.

Fulton County

Farm Bureau

Marlin Lynch, President

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