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Commissioners Tackle Routine Business Matters

Hears overview of Experience Works program
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz


The Fulton County commissioners handled a variety of business matters Tuesday morning before sitting down with other local officials for a monthly Fulton County Partnership luncheon.

Special projects coordinator Karen Hann was among those to meet with the commissioners on February 19 to discuss a proposed modification to the 2011 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding. Hann presented the commissioners with several options, including a suggestion to divide the $17,500 in available funding between the Hustontown Senior Citizen Center and several municipal polling places. It was noted the polling places in question need handicapped accessibility upgrades and parking, while the senior center needs a water softener. The commissioners gave their OK for Hann to advertise the proposed modification.

Hann was also given authorization to attend a CDBG conference in State College in early April.

The commissioners briefly discussed the creation of a county seal. It was suggested by Commissioner Irvin Dasher that the local school districts could be contacted to see if students would be interested in assisting with the design process.

The commissioners penned a lease agreement with the Ray Koontz Living Trust overseen by trustee Ronald Kerns. The agreement will allow the county to utilize 1,500 square feet of office space, primarily the extension office, at a rate of $10,467.36 annually. In connection with signing the agreement, the commissioners suggested moving the coroner’s office back into the office space currently used by public defender Dwight Harvey.

EMA/911 Director Ruth Strait presented the commissioners with a copy of the Emergency Management Performance grant, which was accepted in the amount of $40,393. The money covers 50 percent of the salary for two office staff.

The board met in executive session for nearly 40 minutes to discuss potential litigation. No action was taken upon reconvening.

Michael Hite, employment and training coordinator, presented an overview of the Experience

Works program that currently serves a total of three county residents over the age of 55 with limited income. Hite referred to Experience Works as a training-to-employment program that is financed through Department of Labor grants.

Individuals accepted into the program are assigned to work with nonprofit entities. Matches with these organizations are based on skills and experience. Hite noted typical enrollment in the program spans 18 to 36 months until the individual finds suitable employment. New applicants are currently being sought.

The commissioners hired Tracie Ashman to serve in the capacity of property transaction clerk effective March 4.

Chief Probation Officer Dan Miller spoke on Gov. Tom Corbett’s recent budget proposal for the 2012-13 fiscal year as it relates to the areas of probation and parole. A copy of the county probation office’s 2012 annual report was also presented for review.

Last Tuesday, a proposal submitted by Earley Painting in the amount of $980 was approved for the painting of concrete floors in the old sheriff’s office.

A purchase of service agreement was accepted with Adams- Hanover Counseling Services to offer services to Services for Children and Juvenile Probation as needed.

Special projects coordinator Hann discussed the status of the proposed Wells Tannery water system upgrades project. The service area was being surveyed to determine the project’s eligibility for CDBG funding, and surveys were slated to be returned by last Friday.

Business manager Stanton reviewed health insurance options with the commissioners prior to meeting with the county’s insurance broker later in the morning. Insurance brokers Lori and Tom Bracelin with Millennium Insurance joined the meeting with the commissioners, according to reports. The Bracelins presented several options for health insurance, with renewal in March.

An addendum was approved for the September 15, 2011, agreement with Deboraha E. Pheil for temporary child welfare consulting services. The correct amount of compensation in the agreement is $78,000 for the life of the two-year agreement.

The commissioners met behind closed doors for 50 minutes to discuss an issue related to potential litigation.

The commissioners sat down with Sheriff Keith Stains and public defender Harvey regarding the logistics of handling prisoners after their respective offices have been moved back into the old jail.

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