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Moderation Works Best For U.S.

To The Editor:

When it comes to solutions to problems that affect all of us as Americans what I’m looking for as a moderate, middle-of-the-road pragmatist is a measured response. That’s what seems to work best in our country and time and again when we go too far in any one direction – no matter the issue, the American public pulls us back to moderacy.

The issue of alcohol is a perfect example. From 1920 to 1933 we completely banned the sale of alcohol. The result of the ban was to drive sales and use underground with an increase in crime and gangland style killings following. The country cried out for a more measured response and our current system of managing sales and consumption came about. We have since decided societally that you must be of a certain age to drink legally and that driving while drunk is unacceptable. The resultant laws to address these issues are measured responses. We didn’t ban the use of alcohol as before – instead we asked that people exercise good judgement when doing so and created a system of punishment if they did not.

I believe that most Americans want to see the same type of measured response to many of the issues facing us today. Whether it is mass killings, budget deficits, debt ceilings or sequestration we want our publicly elected officials to find pragmatic solutions that the majority of us can live with. Arguing to the extreme – whether left or right, conservative or liberal and not meeting somewhere in the middle does little to advance us as a nation. Over the years no matter what we have been faced with we have found a way to move this country forward. It hasn’t always been pretty. It hasn’t always been fair to all. And it hasn’t even always been democratic. But as a people we always seem to right ourselves and find our way when it matters the most.

I have faith that once again we will find our way. I have faith that as a nation we will one day not allow the artificial division of red and blue fed to us by the special interests continue to divide us. I have faith that measured, moderate, pragmatic solutions to our problems will be sought out and agreed upon. I have this faith because I must. Because to believe otherwise is simply to give up on our democracy. I’m not ready to do that, and I don’t think that most other Americans are either.

Kenny Wuertenberg

Big Cove Tannery

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