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Rankin Mellott Remembered

To The Editor:

Regarding The Fulton County News: Edition January 17 2013, From The Files Of January 25, 1973: (40 years ago today)

One of my delights in the operation of this old store in Webster Mills is hearing the various stories from customers of their own memories associated with this property. Of the previous proprietors, no one is described with more clairity than Rankin Mellott. One can almost “picture in their head” his character but nothing more clear than the journalistic account as published in last week’s “News” regarding the robbery that occurred, here in the store, that day in January 1973.

I regret that I was not here in Fulton County to actually have met the man, nonetheless ... all the recitals that have been described to me, regarding Mr. Mellott, include a man of strong personality. Thank you for publishing that newsworthy account of those events. One of my guilty pleasures, on inclement days while gentle rain taps its cadence on the tin roof above, is scouring the attics of this old house. I discover all sorts of information, documents, ledgers, magazines and catalogs that belonged to Rankin. And I choose to believe, that Rankin Mellott’s same strong, stoic energy as evidenced in his actions during his 81st year on this Earth .... well, that energy is still a part of this property today.

Becky Sue Brackbill


DBA The Yankee


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