2013-01-23 / Letters

People, Not Guns, Do Evil

To The Editor:

I learned all about the futility of gun control as a child listening to the “Let’s Pretend” radio program on Saturday mornings way back in the 1930s. The dramatized fairy tale was “Sleeping Beauty.” The message was clear, but the characters differed somewhat. The king in the story who got rid of all the spinning wheels is now the federal government that wants to rid us of our guns. The Wicked Witch has been replaced by those lost souls who commit mass murder using guns rather than spinning wheels, and it isn’t the Princess Aurora, it’s those victimized in Aurora, Colo., who sleep the eternal rest from which there can be no Prince Charming to awaken them.

The story teaches us that there are people in this world who do evil things and it is they who must be made responsible, not whatever object they chose to use to achieve their despicable goals.

Joseph A. Zamoyta


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