2013-01-23 / Letters

In Response To Mr. Politis

To The Editor:

Mr. Politis has recently submitted several editorials to local papers eschewing basically the Democratic talking points. He continues by accusing Republicans of all sorts of accusations and denigrates them. He unknowingly demonstrates the main problem with our government’s inefficiency and he doesn’t see it.

He accuses the Republicans of being haters, but the tone of his letter is hate toward Republicans who dare to think differently from him. He feels right-wingers have taken over the Republican Party, but doesn’t see the left wingnuts in the Democratic Party. I have found that most liberals are very liberal thinkers as long as you agree with them.

Disagree and you are stupid or a racist, you have to be, because they know they are so much smarter and caring then anyone else. Time and time again we are treated on TV to Sen. Harry Reid’s rants about Republicans. President Obama also takes many shots at them, and then they wonder why they can’t work together. (Duh!)

Sorry, but I am a conservative. I voted for candidates because of their view that spending is out of control: If they don’t keep true to that view, I wouldn’t vote for them again. I don’t want a representative that changes his values and views when pressured or after they are elected. I have not lived Mr. Politis’ life, I have not had his experiences, but he has not lived mine either. Because we see things differently that does not make me or my views radical or inappropriate.

I understand compromise and deal-making. I think currently our president and Democratic leaders feel they are in the driver’s seat and don’t need to. God help us through the next four years!

Larry Smith


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