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MVFC Holds Annual Banquet

Ed Stonecipher Named Fireman Of The Year
By Jean Snyder

2012 Fireman Of The Year Ed Stonecipher 2012 Fireman Of The Year Ed Stonecipher STAFF WRITER

Ed Stonecipher received the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Co.’s top honor when he was named MVFC’s 2012 Fireman of the Year on Saturday evening. Acknowledging his skills as a mechanic, photographer and woodworker, Stonecipher was given the award by the evening’s emcee, David R. Hoover II. Hoover said, “Although he has that Oklahoma drawl, he came here and stayed here. He has held many offices in the company.”

Stonecipher has been a fire company member since 2002 and currently serves as first assistant chief and is also a company director. He and his wife reside in McConnellsburg, and they have two children and four grandchildren. Stonecipher accepted the award by referring to the fact that he is not a native and saying, “But this is my home and you are my friends.”

Votes for the company’s Firefighter of the Year are cast only by former firemen of the year.

Molly Carbaugh, EMT of the Year Molly Carbaugh, EMT of the Year More than 170 members and invited guests attended the company’s 51st annual banquet held at the American Legion in McConnellsburg.

Other awards

During the evening’s program, other awards presented included:

Fire Chief Pete Lynch received the President’s Award from Jeff Harr, who said, “He wears many hats and this award is very well deserved.”

The Chief’s Award was presented to John Seville by Fire Chief “Pete” Lynch. Seville is a company lieutenant.

The Ambulance Chief’s Award was given to Chip Keebaugh by Cody Lynch in recognition of his service to the ambulance squad. He was the top responder EMT for the ambulance squad in 2012.

Molly Carbaugh was presented the EMT of the Year award and Jamie Connelly was given the top-responder award.

Jamie Connelly, left,accepts the Top Responder Of The Year award from Chief Pete Lynch. Jamie Connelly, left,accepts the Top Responder Of The Year award from Chief Pete Lynch. Fifty-year member awards were given to Harper Cline, Tom Haubrick and Raymond Kerlin.

Twenty-five-year member awards were given to Doug Brown, Terry Brown, Cheryl Cutshall, Pam Carmack, Jason Harmon, Mark Pittman, John Rasp Jr. and Frank Shehan Jr.

Memorial service

A memorial service presided over by Dreama Everts and Keith Connelly was held for six life members who passed away in 2012. Life members remembered were George “Shorty” Bivens, Gladys Mack, Richard T. Ramsey, D.K. Morton Jr., Kathy Barnett and Lyle Duffey.

Chief’s report

Fire Chief Pete Lynch reported that the company responded to more than 310 calls in 2012. Calls included fires (41); rescue/ EMS (57); hazmat (12); and other (203). The calls averaged eight persons per call with a total of 2,206 manhours.

Tom Haubrick, left, and Harper Cline received 50- year membership awards. Tom Haubrick, left, and Harper Cline received 50- year membership awards. Trucks responded most frequently to Ayr Township (67), Mc- Connellsburg Borough (110) Todd (41), Licking Creek (21) and mutual aid (115).

In his remarks, Lynch also commented that it had been a trying year for the company, for their families and for the country. He touched on the tragic shooting of the elementary students in Newtown, Conn., and the killings of the two New York firefighters while responding to a fire saying, “Whatever it takes in terms of gun control and whatever we can do to help our schools, we are willing to do it.”

The top-12 responders were Gregg Connelly, Jamie Connelly, Roger Everts, Jeff Harr, Chip Keebaugh, Cody Lynch, Pete Lynch, Jason Pecho, Joe Rosenberry, Dennis Seville, Ed Stonecipher and the late Bob Thomas.

Awards were also given to junior members who collectively put in 1,933 hours. Top junior member responders were Tyler Grissinger, Jason Pecho Jr., Greg Jefferson, Travis Pecho, Dylan Souders, Molly Carbaugh, Dylan Everts and Taylor Carbaugh.

Chip Keebaugh, left, receives the Ambulance Chief’s Award from Cody Lynch. Chip Keebaugh, left, receives the Ambulance Chief’s Award from Cody Lynch. Lynch will serve as chief again in 2013 with Jeff Harr (deputy chief), Ed Stonecipher (1st assistant chief) and Cody Lynch (2nd assistant chief), Greg Connelly (engine captain), Joe Rosenberry, John Seville and Jamie Connelly (lieutenants), Mike Chilcote (safety officer), Keith Connelly (engineer) and Norman Everts Jr. (junior advisor).

Company directors include Norman Everts Jr., Bob Vores, David Hoover III, Ed Stonecipher and Pete Lynch. Mont Chamberlain, Melvin Hann and Robert Mc- Quade will serve as trustees of the Relief Association.

Ambulance chief’s report

The company’s ambulances responded to 1,222 calls in 2012. They included 545 medical emergencies; 265 interfacility; 80 falls; 84 vehicular; 10 trauma; 2 assaults, 2 shootings, 9 motorcycle accidents; and 225 others.

Emergency vehicles traveled 70,844 miles, with 41 different responders answering at least one call.

The ambulance responded to calls in Ayr (142), Belfast (43), Bethel (4), Dublin (19), Licking Creek (91), McConnellsburg Borough (146), Todd (359), Thompson (6), Taylor (7), Franklin County (108) and other (297).

The top-10 responders were: Chip Keebaugh, EMT (287), Robert McQuade, driver (170), Gary Peck, EMT (166), Cody Lynch, EMT (148), Melvin Hann, EMT (127), ), Joe Rosenberry, driver (115), Jason Pecho, EMT (103), Jamie Connelly, driver (63) John Washabaugh, EMT (54), and Tina Blair, EMT (42).

John Rice will serve as EMS coordinator in 2013, while Dusty Stoner Jr. will serve as EMS supervisor. Chip Keebaugh will serve as deputy chief, and Gary Peck and Jason Pecho will serve as assistant chiefs.

Fire police report

Fire police officers for 2013 include Andy Carbaugh (captain), Bill Penwell (1st lieutenant) and George Farrell (sergeant). Carbaugh reported that the fire police logged 217 special duty man-hours and 462 emergency hours in 2012. The top responders were George Farrell, Bill Penwell, Andy Carbaugh, the late Robert Thomas and Chip Keebaugh. Thomas, who passed away recently, was recognized for his many contributions to the fire police and to the company.

Ladies auxiliary report

President Dora Lynch presented a check for $4,500 (the proceeds from 10 banquets and one class reunion) to company President Jeff Harr. The 2013 officers include Lynch as president, Lou Ramsey as vice president, Mae Mann as recording secretary, Peg Kerlin as financial secretary, Dianne Stenger as treasurer, and Dreama Everts as chaplain.

President’s report

President Harr reported on the past year’s activities and told those in attendance that one of the high points of the year was the company’s completion of blacktopping the parking lot and razing a South Third Street property. Plans for 2013 include repairing or replacing the roof on the old firehall and doing plumbing work in the kitchen.

Harr will serve as president in 2013, with Jason Pecho as vice president, Cindy Lynch as secretary, Chip Keebaugh as assistant secretary, Cody Lynch as financial secretary, Dreama Everts as chaplain and Dora Lynch as assistant chaplain. Harr also received a donation of $7,000 from the company’s junior members.

Elected officials in attendance at Saturday night’s banquet included county commissioners Craig Cutchall and Irvin Dasher as well as guests from surrounding fire companies and other organizations and businesses.

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