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Stricter Gun Control Latest Liberal Assault On Freedom

To The Editor:

It was not difficult to predict that a second Obama term is going to be a disaster for the U.S. We are now facing continuing class warfare, higher taxes and unemployment, greater welfare spending, amnesty for illegals and larger deficits as greedy liberals demand more from those who actually make the economy work to buy votes from those who do not. The latest assault on freedom is the call for more gun-control laws.

The leftist activists couldn’t even wait a day after the Connecticut school massacre before exploiting the tragedy to try and further their gun-control scheme. I realize liberal logic is a irrational term, but in their way of thinking you have to save people from themselves by banning inanimate objects like guns, soft drinks, cigarettes, fatty foods and whatever else the politically correct extremists decide is unacceptable at the moment. In the liberal mind when a crime is committed it’s never the fault of the individual but rather society. Personal responsibility is a completely alien concept to the average Obama voter.

The Gun Control Act of 1994 did absolutely nothing to reduce crime, but Obama and company want to reinstate it and more. Gun control is not really about guns, but it is about control. The Second Amendment was not added to the Constitution to protect our ability to go hunting but to give people the ability to defend themselves from criminals and tyrants. The Connecticut shooting occurred after a mentally ill person stole legally owned guns from his mother. Nothing in the realm of new gun-control laws is going to prevent something like that from occurring. The idiocy of gun-free school zones just makes it easier for some psychopath to target innocents. Restrictions on “high capacity” magazines are absurd. Anyone with even a little practice can change a magazine in less than two seconds. Have liberals thought that perhaps the criminals might just carry several guns? But then liberals are easily confused with facts and logic.

Stricter gun-control laws are not the answer to Columbine, Virginia Tech or Newtown. Statistics prove that areas with more guns have less crime. Swift and severe punishment for those who misuse firearms and perhaps armed guards at schools when the local school board decides it is appropriate will help.

It would be nice to see Obama attacking the budget deficits and national debt with the same enthusiasm he uses to attack the Constitution.

Vince Joyce

McConnellsburg, PA

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