2013-01-16 / Letters

Residents Recycle More Than 100,000 Lbs. Of Electronics In 2012

To The Editor:

Good job, Fulton County residents! Since the inception of the continuous electronics collection/ recycling program last February, more than 100,000 pounds of electronics have been collected. Yes, more than four tractor-trailer loads of electronics have been sent to western Pennsylvania to be dismantled and recycled. That means more jobs for PA residents, that means 50 tons less material potentially going to our landfills, that means more valuable materials being reused for other products, that means fewer “rare earth” minerals having to be imported from China, that means fewer TVs that might wind up along the side of the road, and, of course, that means more room now available in your shed, garage or basement now that you’ve cleaned out those old electronics you’ve had for years!

So, next time bulky waste days roll around, please remember that starting this January, it will be unlawful to dispose of computers (and peripheral devices) and televisions into the garbage. Instead, please make use of the four electronics collection “sheds” that are located in various places in the county and recycle those unwanted electronics. But, you certainly don’t have to wait until bulky waste days, the sheds are available any time. Keep Fulton County clean and beautiful, recycle those electronics! While you’re there, feel free to recycle your paper products, metal cans, plastic and glass bottles, and cardboard at the green “single-stream” recycling bin located near the electronics “shed.” It’s good for the environment, it’s good for the economy!

Greg Reineke

Fulton County



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