2013-01-16 / Letters

Questions Gun Control Supporter’s Facts

To the Editor:

I am sure Letter to the Editor writer Paul Politis subscribes to the liberal news outlets. One of the faces on CNN is Piers Morgan, who continually slants the reports against guns, but has repeatedly stated the number of 11,000 gun deaths last year. Where does the writer get his number of 30,000 deaths? The FBI stats for 2011 is less than 8,000 deaths by firearms. Also, is he able to cite the statistics on the percentage of people in the U.S. that actually own an automatic weapon?

I would also like an explanation to the logical mind how the NRA makes a profit for gun-manufacturing companies. They lobby for freedom of choice. Therefore, the people decide if a company makes a profit. This concept was similar to car manufacturers such as GM until the government bailed them out on the backs of taxpayers. Asssuming the writer is an astute history person, he would know that many a free society said the same thing about their government before being controlled by a dictator, followed by criminal atrocities that equated to more than 200 million deaths during the past 100 years.

If still unsure about the purpose of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I would suggest reading the book called “The 5000 Year Leap” and the Youtube video by Suzanna Gratia Hupp when testifying at a Senate hearing on gun control.

Finally, I would recommend making the Drudge Report your homepage – a collection of news pieces written by a variety of sources.

Todd Beatty


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